Surprise Snowfall Hits Wayne County

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People in Wayne County braced for freezing rain Wednesday morning.

Instead, they received more snow.

It was practically a whiteout for a couple of hours throughout much of Wayne County.

Even though the storm was out of there by noon, it left enough snow for folks to take notice.

For more than a dozen years, Jennifer Serge has been delivering the mail in all sorts of weather.

When she set out in Honesdale Wednesday morning, a blast of snow made things a little tricky.

"You never get used to it, we were pampered for a few years. But I'll tell ya, it's better than that rain Snedeker called for today. I'd rather this," said Serge.

Given a choice, so would a lot of people who've grown a bit winter-weary. April Wicksnes works indoors but has to tend to the sidewalk when it's like this.

"We're always out here shoveling. Whenever it starts to pick up a couple of inches. We're out here," she said.

Wicksnes was expecting the icy rainfall that was in the forecast as well but for a couple of hours big snowflakes were coming down making it difficult to see far at all.

Jim Warring is with Stephens Pharmacy and Northeast Med-Equip and set out for a delivery in the thick of it.

"It's winter but people are great too, if we give them a call. If the weather's really bad, they tell us we can wait until it breaks up a bit we can come down and do it," said Warring.

A short distance away in Hawley, they were clearing the new snow with anything that got the job done.

A leaf blower or a plow, but sometimes they aren't enough to prevent fender-benders. That's where B & R Collision comes into play. Michael Chubirka said people just weren't ready for this kind of winter.

"Very nasty, cars are sliding all over the place, falling into ditches keeping us busy," he said.

Northeastern and central Pennsylvania is due for a warm-up in the forecast. Temperatures well above freezing and rain is still going to be part of the mix in the next few days.