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Attempted Abduction Scares People in Clinton County

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WOODWARD TOWNSHIP -- Neighbors say the intersection of Market and South Allegheny Streets near Lock Haven is normally a quiet section of town. But this is where police say two people tried to kidnap a 9-year-old girl.

The attempted abduction has people who live here shocked.

"It's unbelievable. There's a lot of weird people in this world evidently," Larry Fetter said.

Police say the child was walking to a friend's house Tuesday afternoon when a large white vehicle pulled up next to her. According to investigators, the woman behind the wheel told the child twice to get in the car. The girl ran away.

Kristian Ripka has four children and lives down the street from where the incident happened.

"I used to keep my door unlocked and I have a fenced-in yard. We just let them out and play. As of yesterday, hearing that news, I'm just going to keep them close to my side," Ripka said.

Some parents tell Newswatch 16 what makes this attempted child abduction even scarier is the spot it happened is their child's bus stop.

"It's full of kids around here. Little ones. The trailer court back here has lots of kids," Ken Kieffer said.

Police describe the driver of the white vehicle as a white female in her 20s with black hair and a tattoo on her neck. There is no description for the male passenger.

"When it does happen this close to home it makes you wonder, what's the world coming to," Kieffer asked.

Some neighbors say the incident encouraged them to talk to their children about stranger danger.

Police say if you have any information about the attempted abduction near Lock Haven, call 911.