Snow Means Some Delivery Struggles

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- We tagged along with those making deliveries in Lackawanna County as they trudged through snow and climbed snowbanks.

There are a lot of obstacles for Bill Racht to overcome as he delivers home heating oil for Santarelli and Sons oil this winter.  Snowbanks, deep snow, ice, he's seeing it all.

“It makes it hard because it's so deep. And of course the streets, a lot of them aren't pushed back, single lane,” Racht said.

As we tagged along in the Mid Valley area, we found homeowners had shoveled a path to their oil fill pipes but he says a lot of times that's not the case. And at most stops, just getting to and from the truck can be a challenge.

“Along the curb where it's packed down, it's a bear getting through it and you're sinking in to it, right up to your waist some times.”

Pretty much any delivery person delivering anything is dealing with snow banks, all the snow, the challenges, just trying to get the job done.

"Oh, my God, just too much.  Too much snow, too much cold!”

Mail carrier Lisa Guillorn is also getting a little weary of trudging through the snow and such in Old Forge.

I'm tired at the end of the day, sore from walking through the snow,” Guillorn said. “And there's ice underneath the snow from melting yesterday and freezing at night.  so You have to walk slow and careful.  And all the snow banks you have to walk over and parking's terrible. So, I'm thinking spring!"

So is Ernie Race from UPS.  Every stop for him seems to include scaling snowbanks.

“It is a little challenging. It's hard to park, as you see, as we get in and out of the truck, we park on the snow bank and we have to get out in that and walk over and make the deliveries.”

Those making deliveries also have had to deal with a lot of slick roads.

“You just need to take your time and go slow.”

The deliverers we talked with said it makes it a lot easier for them when your sidewalks are shoveled. The oil deliverers say it really helps if you have your oil fill pipe area cleared of snow.


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