Police Seek Man Who Tried To Lure Students

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WILKES-BARRE -- Police in Wilkes-Barre say a man exposed himself to two Meyers High School students Tuesday morning.

Officers tell us the man, driving a dark red Buick, asked the students if they wanted a ride near Hanover and Church Streets. They said no, but the man kept following them.

Police say they refused a ride three times before the driver exposed himself then left.

The school district posted a notice about the incident on district website to alert parents.


  • eddie

    How is posting on the district website an “alert”?? That is not an appropriate or timely notification to parents. A serious message, such as the one regarding today’s incident, needs to be relayed to parents quickly and responsibly. If I can receieve an automated phonecall stating my child has a 2-hr delay,…then how is it conscienable that I couldn’t recieve a similar message regarding an attempted child abduction outside my daughter’s school?

    • Dawn

      Eddie you took the words out of my mouth. Why were we not alerted properly to something as serious as this. I see something about a man being picked up in Olyphant pa. Is this the same guy?:

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