Internet Predator Under Investigation

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  • Amy

    Wow, you people should be ashamed of your behavior! What is with the victim-shaming? I supposed she ‘had this coming’ right? Yes, she made a mistake, but teens are minors for a reason – they cannot always make the best choices. They don’t have the life experience yet and their decision making is immature yet. You do not know how this FREAK talked this CHILD into doing what she did. Stop blaming the victim! This is why our daughter’s never speak out when something happens to them.

    • Kathleen Brenner

      I believe I said she was unmonitored so that would be putting some blame on what she did on her parents. Young girls are immature and irresponsible and as parents WE need to keep them safe and that means knowing what they are doing and who they are doing it with.

  • Wanda Johnson

    Why did she have lewd pictures of herself to begin with? Why would she send them to ANYONE? She needs an attitude adjustment and her parents need to be made more aware of what is going on. Pay attention to your kids!!!! She should have known better!

    • Kathleen Brenner

      Agreed!! Yes the perv is a problem but so is an unmonitored 15 yr old girl that doesn’t respect herself. And I’m sure they can check phone records and find out who she sent the picture to.

  • Kurt

    how about check the girls phone, wherever she sent the photo to should still be in there, and wirh the goverment spying on everyone this should be an open and shut case.

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