41 Vehicles Ticketed For Parking In Emergency Snow Route

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KULPMONT --- Tuesday morning's storm that dropped a few inches of new snow had some folks fired up in Northumberland County.

Officials in Kulpmont say 41 vehicles were ticketed for failure to move their vehicles from an emergency snow route and those tickets are pretty steep!

“The plow truck had to turn around the way then he got down by that car and had to turn around, look at the pile of snow.”

Standing along Route 61, the main road running through Kulpmont, the mayor points out places were Penn DOT`s snow plows couldn`t do their jobs, clearing snow all the way to the curb.

Mayor Bernie Novakoski says that`s because vehicles were still parked here overnight, despite the fact he had put a parking ban into effect starting at 8 Monday night.

Penn DOT will stay away from the car because of liability so instead of him getting close to that back bumper with his blade, he`ll be 8 to 10 feet away, so that`s a parking place here,” said Mayor Novakoski.

The mayor says 41 vehicles were given a $100 fine by borough police and he says he`s received plenty of irate calls.

While we were talking with the mayor, one of those angry ticket recipients, Mike Getchey, confronted him.

“The sign says snow emergency route,” the mayor explained.

“I understand that.  I've lived here for 12 years, never had a ticket, isn't it funny that 41 people got it today?” asked Getchey.

“No,” said the mayor.

“You don`t think that`s weird? You don`t think that`s funny?” asked Getchey. “It`s not like five people are coming and complaining to you, 41 people!”

The mayor says he declared the parking ban Monday afternoon.

But those who got tickets said that was already too late and they never got word they couldn't park on Route 61.

“When they’re calling for one to three inches and he decides the evening before that he wants a snow emergency, tickets 41 people because they weren't aware of what was going to happen,” said Getchey.

“I understand why they`re mad at me but that`s part of my job,” said Novakoski.

While some said they will fight the tickets, others said they`ve already paid the piper.

“If I`d had known earlier my truck would have been moved, basically,” said Fred Russo. “But yeah, I paid the fine, I try to do what`s right.”


  • Mike Getchaloser

    Guy with No teeth paid the fine but yet the guy who looks well to do puts up a fight. This is the problem with this country, the middle man always gets screwed. Guy is probably some government worker.

  • Joe

    It pretty much is a money scam like earlier comments stated, I am one of the 41 who got fined, I had no clue there was a ban, a week earlier there was a ban when we got that foot of snow n know one got a fine cause we knew bout it from newspaper,this time I got a ticket 6:00 am Tuesday morning the same time paper comes out n had about the ban which was even misprinted in paper,also don’t see how they can backtrack like that and say its in affect for Monday but not be in Monday’s paper but Tuesday’s,,it’s bullshit and if you would have seen the mayor believe me he didn’t care whatsoever about ppl getting fines,he even stated he didn’t care if ppl didn’t hear it from newspaper wasn’t his problem cause according to him was on radio n tv,which I doubt is true coming from him

  • Ann

    I live in Kulpmont.There was no parking ban when we got the 9 inches of snow. When they did issue a ban for the storm after that, it was issued early in the day, and vehicles were moved. I don’t think anyone knew about this ban, I didn’t know of it until I heard WNEP and the local paper were down at the borough building the day after.People I know that live on Rt. 61 certainly didn’t know of it.If you know Rt. 61 going through Kulpmont you would know that 41 ticketed cars is a lot. They also pull that stunt in the spring when they begin to run the sweeper. They don’t bother announcing it in the paper so they can ticket as many as possible.

  • Becky DePue

    I believe these people are liable, no question about that, but on todays news Marissa said the fines would be doubles if they were not paid by today or tomorrow. That to me is crazy, give these people a week or two to comes up with the money.

  • BBadDDog

    mdog not awake yet,the tornadoes in south will tell if the stars align. The messiah says we must obey man’s laws,I believe him.

  • Mike

    Common sense will tell you to move your stuff when asked by the officials. If you do the crime, you will do the time, if you don’t want to do the time, then don’t do the crime! It’s that simple!!!

  • Lulu

    I think it served them right for parking on the Main Street I mean there are signs saying it’s a snow emergency route and last time I seen when it snows the penn dot trucks do plow so I believe it’s there fault not moving the cars then they wonder why they get hit or side swiped cause they can’t park in there spots the right way so I say way to go kulpmont keep up the good work

    • Rob

      Tear it up, you’re still on the hook for it. Some of the 41 people are the same people that complain that their spot never got plowed.

  • FunnyGirl

    The way I look at it is like this, this town was having problems with getting enough funding to keep police officers on dudy(I understand it has to do with insurance things but ultimaltly still didnt have enough money to pay the premium for a little while. This town is hurting financailly and these tickets are an easy way to collect the money. I mean 41 cars 100 dolars each. Do the math people… Also there were more severe storms in the past few weeks and just now there are tickets on cars when this clearly wasnt enforced before monday night. Even now after the cars were ticketed and the onwera moved the cars ilyhe street still is not plowed. Thats insane. Another point is the town has a budget for road salt and plowing road care ect type of budget due to the amount of snow this winter they are over budget and need a way ro stay afloat. , why not start ticketing? Perfect LEGAL way to make bac some of the money for A SMALL percentage of the towns citizens… Overall a scam!

    • Becki

      Funny how you call scam. I see people not following a law that keeps people safe in bad weather. Great job for ticketing those cars. Be lucky the were not towed on top of it and you have to pay a tow bill as well. Legally they can remove your vehicle and impound it. Pay your fine and stop crying. Lesson learned.

  • John Petro

    There are perminant signs on every pole along the route year long. also the ban was on television, radio, facebook and in the newspaper…I don’t know how much more a person needs….seems like the 200 ppl who moved their cars heard about it just fine

  • Lady Blue

    WNEP and the other channels post snow ban reports along with the school info in the crawl at the bottom of the screen. As for the signs,there are cars parked right underneath them !!

  • warren

    common sense nitwits if it snows move your freaking vehicle i am sure there are signs up all year round stating that fact

    • ryry

      So, because he declared an emergency and idiots thought they could leave their vehicle on a snow EMERGENCY route, its his fault? Look up ‘snow emergency route rules pa’ first link is the PA code. The second a snow flake hits the ground those cars should be off that road. Because of stupid people, an ambulance, or a firetruck can get stuck in that because someone was to lazy to move their car.

    • ryry

      The signs are all along the road. (They are also behind them in the news cast) If you park on a ‘snow emergency route’, and it snows, or there is ice, you are automatically suppose to move your vehicle. I bet if you drive through there now, those same people are probably parked there again when we are getting freezing rain tonight. (hope they get another ticket) Per PA code chapter 213, snow emergency routes. its been in effect since 1980, people are just dumb and think they can do what they want, til they get caught and say they don’t know. I drive through there often, and people there are always double parked on the state route, taking groceries out and going into their houses taking their good old time. Walking into the road in front of you while you are driving.

    • ryry

      There don’t need to be a ban. The second it starts snowing you are to remove your vehicle from any snow emergency routes. That’s what they are for, emergencies, not a parking spot.

      • Kris Yeisley

        PA State Code says nothing about parking on Snow Emergency Routes. Those bans are put into effect by the borough government and if the people who were ticketed go before a Magistrate, they can argue that either they weren’t informed that a ban was in place or they weren’t given adequate advance notice and the people that got the tickets were absolutely right. There was no parking ban in place when they got 8-12 inches of snow so it makes no sense to assume there’s going to be a parking ban in place for 1-3 inches of snow. It sounds exactly like what earlier comments said was true that the major issued punitive fines solely for the purpose of generating revenue.

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