Digging Out of the Snow… Again

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SUSQUEHANNA -- Shoveling out has become a routine for people living in Susquehanna County.

From one day to the next... the snow keeps falling, which is keeping people around here a little busy.

"Well the snow, the cold its been quite a few years since I've seen it like this," Mason Evans of Susquehanna said.

For people who live in Susquehanna County, and really all of the northern tier, when it comes to winter having snow on the ground is a way of life.

But for people who live in these areas- even they say they're ready for winter to come to an end.

"We've all have said enough is enough. I've had enough, I know that," Sue Evans of Susquehanna said.

"It's been worse than anything since I was nine years old that I remember," Paul Mulcahy of Susquehanna said.

While most people are sick of the snowy cold weather, we found two men who have no complaints.

Dallon Wilkes and Cameron Pitt are both from Utah, and they're staying in Susquehanna as part of their mission.

Wilkes and Pitt are both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The two say as a service to the community they've been shoveling out driveways and sidewalks all throughout the borough.

"We kind of just cruise around and well lets shovel here. I mean we ask sometimes but we usually just jump out and do it," Elder Dallon Wilkes of Susquehanna said.

With all of the snow neighbors don't seem to mind a little extra help...and helping out is what these two are all about.

"Bringing a smile to somebodys face, giving a helping hand. You can really feel love for people when you serve them. They appreciate it and we love serving them," Elder Cameron Pitt said.

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  • Alexander Welsch

    Why Can’t younger Children Help Shovel Out Driveway’s & Sidewalk’s, Like I did When I was Younger, Earn some extra Money to buy something for yourself, ” NO CIGARETTE’S OR DRUGS”

    Drug’s where not even heard of when I was growing up. If I bought Cigarette’s it was for my ” DAD “, back in my time they only cost $.50 a pack, now look at the price of them today.

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