Winter Exhaustion

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MOUNT POCONO---Snow, snow everywhere and there is more in the forecast.

It is enough to make some think of going somewhere tropical.

"I definitely want to go to Phoenix or Puerto Rico if I can," said Evan Asche of Stroudsburg.

At Ray Price dealerships in Mount Pocono, it has been a tough winter season.

Every time it snows, there are about 325 vehicles to clean off and move so the lots can be plowed.

"We have to start it up, clean off the cars, warm them up, move them plow, put them back, pull the ones we had to move. It's very involved. It's like a choreographed-kind of thing that we do," said Walter Price.

"As soon as you get part of the lot finished and you move all the cars and they are all clean, it snows again and you do it all over again and it's very repetitive," said Rich Price.

Charlie Dutt worked for PennDOT for more than 30 years.

He drove a snow plow before starting at the dealerships and knows a thing or two about tough winters.

"No worse than '93 or '96. You know? We had lots of snow then. We get through it. Just take it as it comes," said Dutt.

"It's my favorite time of the year. This is beautiful. It's a little inconvenient with all this, but other than that, we're doing alright," said Rich Price.