Two Arrested After Alleged Meth Lab Bust In Catawissa

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CATAWISSA --- Two men were arrested in Columbia County Monday evening, charged with operating a meth lab.

Police in Catawissa busted the alleged lab Monday afternoon after raiding an apartment in the borough as well as an SUV parked outside.

Larry Thompson, 32,  and Matthew Crusan, 30,  were taken in for arraignment at a magistrate’s office in Bloomsburg after being arrested for operating a meth lab.

The two were charged after officers raided Crusan`s apartment inside 256 Main Street in Catawissa and reportedly found meth-making materials.

They are facing several counts, including felonies.

In the borough, people say the meth problem is getting out of control.

“It`s huge, there was one right down the street from me, about seven months ago, nobody knew, I bet the police knew, for years and they just didn`t crack down on them, now they`re cracking down on them,” said Ron Kemper of Bloomsburg.

According to the arrest report, police searched Thompson`s Jeep Cherokee parked outside the apartment and found items related to meth making.

Officers also searched Thompson and found a foil packet that tested positive for meth.

Fire crews shut down the side street as technicians from a state police lab in Allentown came to collect the hazardous materials.

“I don`t want my kids to be around it but it`s all over, it`s not just around here,” said Ryan McHale of Catawissa.

The Catawissa police chief says there are a total of four apartment units inside 256 Main Street; the other three apartments were evacuated as a safety precaution.

“It’s very upsetting and it`s in the whole area around here and I have four kids so it`s something to be concerned about,” said Susette Wertman of Numidia.

Bail was set at $75,000 straight for each man.

The men are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on February 28th at 10 am in Catawissa.


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