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Snowy Weather Plays Along with Ski Resorts

HERRICK TOWNSHIP — On the upside, or the downslope you could say, this snowy weather set the stage for a good holiday weekend.

Skiers and snowboarders hit the mountain this Presidents’ Day.

The holiday weekend was winding down but the lifts were still going up Elk Mountain and have been ’round the clock during this busy time for ski resorts.

It’s no surprise the fresh snow has been good for business.

The weather always plays a big role in the turnout at Elk Mountain and thanks to a healthy dose of snow around the tri-state area, hundreds and hundreds of skiers and snowboarders made the trip for some downhill thrills.

Presidents' Day 2014

Presidents’ Day 2014

Patrick Foley made the trip from Philadelphia with his daughters and nephews fully intending to capitalize on what he considers to be the best conditions they’ve seen in a very long time.

“That’s the only good thing about a brutal winter, you can go ski all that snow that comes down. So it’s the bright side of a tough winter,” said Foley.

Saturday and Sunday were downright busy at Elk, according to Bob DeLuca with Elk Mountain’s marketing department. Deluca said it all comes down to the weather where you are, not necessarily in ski-country.

“A lot of our traffic comes from Philadelphia area and New Jersey. When there’s snow in those areas, we get a lot of visits from people from those areas,” said DeLuca.

All 27 trails and 7 lifts are open and this holiday weekend has been a big success with people coming from all over to come down the slopes.

Presidents' Day 2014

Presidents’ Day 2014

“Right now with the snow, it’s been fantastic,” said Glenn Junior of Stone Bridge Inn and Restaurant.

The inn near Uniondale is booked, all 13 rooms all week-long.

All thanks to the snow and good timing.

“It’s been extra busy, plus with Valentine’s Day on the Friday and then the holiday weekend, yes, it’s been extra busy,” added Junior.


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