Snow Keeps Schools Open in Hanover Township

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- Parking lots full of parents and buses lined the road outside Memorial Elementary School in Hanover Township. This would all be normal for a Monday, except that it also happens to be Presidents Day, a national holiday.

"They were happy they had Valentine's Day off, but then they were not so happy they had to go this morning, so you can't win," said parent Barbara Coleman.

It's a lose-lose for Hanover Area School District, which has already had six snow days this year and has none built into the schedule.

Superintendent  Andrew Kuhl's solution? Add days to the end of the school year and stay open on Presidents Day.

"It's been a long winter and it's been tough on everybody. What we've come up with in terms of doing this is trying to look and be as sensitive to everybody's needs as possible," said Hanover Area School District Superintendent Andrew Kuhl.

As school officials try and figure out the calendar for the rest of the year, students say they're frustrated and wish they didn't have to come in on a holiday.

"I don't think it's fair because all of the other kids don't have school and we do," said sixth grader Alessia Mangan.

Superintendent Kuhl says he doesn't want to cut into summer break any more than he has to. Some parents say they're just as frustrated as the kids.

"It has been crazy. You never know from one day to the next whether they're going to go to school, day care, two-hour delay. You're going to be always changing your schedule around," said Coleman.

With more snow and maybe more snow days expected, the district is now considering shortening spring break, even making seniors come in on Saturdays to keep the June 19 graduation date. That date has already been pushed back from June 11.


  • Adam

    2/18….another day of snow that Hanover is placing students, teachers and support staff in harms way by not canceling. This selfish administration should all be fired for child endangerment.

  • Paulette

    I would rather safe then sorry – send them when the weather permits but cancel or delay when NEEDED – don’t take chances with our kids!! As for make up days how about adding 20 minutes to the school day rather then taking up summer vacation!! Once finals are over the students ONLY watch movies – I will continue with my vacation plans no matter what day the year ends!!

  • Danielle George

    Not sure what the issue is with going to school on a “holiday.” Williamsport started in August and they had school yesterday….and it was NOT a make up day. Our kids weren’t complaining. Oh and they had school on Valentine’s day. And they have been in school when other districts have not been.

  • Adam

    School didn’t start until after Labor Day because of the teachers contract. The district used a loophole to keep teachers pay frozen for a second year. The pay freeze was to “save teachers jobs” because of mishandling of taxpayer dollars. The district couldn’t afford salaries because of blatant stealing and cover ups. When will this district be investigated already!

  • frustrated parent

    Well when school didn’t start until after labor day what do you expect! Every other school started in August. …..not Hanover! And now the superintendent is scrambling to figure out how to make up days……wouldn’t have this problem if they started in august! It is Pa, it does snow here, it is expected to have snow days but for some reason they weren’t built into the schedule. …….asinine! And now the kids sacrifice their summer break. Well not my kid, we are saving her days for the end of the year. She’s only in 2nd grade, no finals or anything so she’ll be fine with missing those days! Hanover socks and I can’t wait to move. The superintendent Kuhl just blows smoke up your a** and gives you the politically correct answer whenever you ask him something.
    Ps: Dress these kids in uniforms but who cares about the pedophile teacher walking around the halls for months. ……oh that’s right, cause mommy is the school board president and hid it as long as she could! Again, can’t wait to move out of this school district!

  • Melony Tzounakos

    As a parent I think its good that they don’t send the kids in bad weather. I rather them go in on a holiday then in the snow were i would be extra worried about travel conditions for my child. Lets face it most of the parents who are complaining about their child having to be in school on Presidents day, more then likely aren’t even celebrating presidents day. Its a choice that has to be made you are required to have 180 days of school a year so when snow days happen you have to expect to have to make some up along the way its not just a get out of jail free card. Rather it be during the school year then during summer.

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