Snow Banks Make For Tricky Travel

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NEWFOUNDLAND -- If you have been out on the roads at all lately, you've probably dealt with it: snow banks all over the place, including at intersections, at the end of driveways and entrances to parking lots.

Trying to see over them safely isn't easy.

Gregory Ealey approached a snowbank-surrounded intersection in Newfoundland very carefully and looked back and forth peering as best he could, before getting the courage to pull out onto Route 191.

“It's very difficult, because you can't see. You can't see oncoming traffic. You have to pull out very cautiously and then make sure nothing is coming. It's dangerous,” Ealey said.

This part of Wayne County had around 30 inches of snow in only one week.  Snow banks are everywhere.

Just take a ride and look at how roads are getting narrow, big banks line the way.

Ruthie Vandegriff tried to see around the snow and then just creep her way out of a parking lot.

“You kind of have to sneak out and look around and make sure no one is coming either way.”

While drivers say it is tough to see and there are visibility problems because of all the piles, they know there's not much that can be done about it.  There's just no place to put all the snow.

“It's getting harder to figure out where we're going to put it.  The piles just keep on getting bigger, and we got that next storm coming in tonight,” said Ted Vanbuskirk of Greentown.

Vanbuskirk has been busy with a plow on his truck. He and others had to pile the snow higher and higher.

John Napolitano has found it tough to find places to put all the snow outside his restaurant. He says his business has been slow because some people just don't want to deal with the snow and tough travel.

“It's not happy for anyone moving around and most people don't even want to come out and you can't blame them,” he said.

Others are being careful of the conditions but not letting all the snow stop them.

“I have a brother that lives in Florida. If I wanted that all the time, I'd be down there,” said Ronald Miller of Hamlin.

A lot of people are hoping that a bit of a warm up later this week will make the snow piles a little smaller and make it just a little easier to see out there on the road.