Oil Truck Wreck Near Mount Cobb

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JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP — Traffic was slowed after an oil delivery truck crashed Monday morning in Lackawanna County.

It happened around 10 a.m. Monday on Route 348 near Mount Cobb.

The driver said he tried to avoid hitting a car, went through a guard rail, flipped and rolled down a hill.

The driver wasn’t hurt but the truck was heavily damaged.

Traffic on Route 348 was down to one lane as crews worked to pull the truck out.


  • Mary Carol

    That driver did a great job by not hitting the car and walking away from the accident. All to often the accident happen because of a car, Have you ever tried to stop a truck with liquid on it GUESS what it doesn’t stop on a dime like you would think. So even when you try to avoid something in front of you that liquid is moving and pushing. I worked with that driver he has an excellent driving record.

  • anna

    Ted, my father has been a truck driver for over 40 yrs and every single day is a challenge. He has to share the road with the most careless drivers that are either texting, talking on cell phones, not paying attention, speeding, and playing with their radios. The amount of aggression from other drivers that he has to put up with every day is unreal. It’s a wonder he makes it back in one piece. So you have no idea what you are talking about unless you do it. He’s never had a speeding ticket and has a perfect driving record. You sound like “another one o’ those trolls behind the keyboard.”

  • Leah

    Ted, Your comment makes no sense. What do you have against truck drivers? Do you expect him to deliver oil with a bicycle?

  • jerry

    Hay Ted do you know the driver? I do He has been driving truck for over 35 years without an accident. If you read the clip it said he was trying to avoid hitting a car. Don’t put all truck driver’s in one class.I wish people would get all the facts straing befor they start posting stuff.

    Guess it would have been easier to hit the car. Usually when there is a truck accidnt a car was some how involved

    Keep in mind that if not for truck drivers you would not have any thing.Some where some place a trucker had His/ her hand in if..

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