Neighbors Stunned By Thrill-Kill Suspect’s Claims

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SUNBURY -- One of the suspects accused of stabbing to death a man in Sunbury told a newspaper reporter she's killed before more than 20 times.

The allegations put Sunbury in the national spotlight, and according to some people who live there, this kind of attention is something they do not want.

Elytte and Miranda Barbour moved to central Pennsylvania about three weeks before they allegedly killed Troy LaFerrara in Sunbury.

Many people who call Sunbury home say they are disappointed by all of the attention their city is getting because of the so-called thrill killers.

Elytte and Miranda Barbour are accused of luring Troy LaFerrara of Port Trevorton through an ad on Craigslist. The husband and wife allegedly stabbed him to death just so they could kill someone together.

LaFerrara's body was found in Sunbury on November 12.

This past Friday, Miranda Barbour was interviewed in the Northumberland County Prison by Francis Scarcella of the Daily Item newspaper.

“She said she has done this before.  I said ‘what's the actual number?’  She said ‘Under 100,’" Scarcella said.

Barbour told Scarcella she stopped counting at 22 murders she claims to have committed in other states.  The story has been picked up by news organizations around the world.

Many residents in Sunbury do not like all the attention the case has brought to the city.
“They weren't even really from here.  They lived here for less than one month.  So for them to represent this place is unfair,” said Dawn Walburn of Sunbury.

“She wasn't from here to begin with and she brought things here that make problems for the city,” Samuel Sterling of Sunbury.

Other Sunbury residents say they do not see a problem with the media coverage from the case.

“Regardless where it would have happened, I don't think it has any reference because of the local residents whatsoever,” said Ed Peebles of Sunbury.

Many people we spoke with in Sunbury say they're skeptical of Barbour's claims to have killed at least 22 people.

"If she did 22 others, it should have been a no-brainer to catch her at one of the others as bad as she goofed up here,” Peebles added.

“I hope she's not being honest.  I hope it's a lot less than that.  Stranger things have happened, I guess.  It's an awful sounding thing,” said Seth Ziegler of Lewisburg.

Sunbury police say they are looking into Miranda Barbour's claims and are in contact with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies across the country.

Barbour's husband spoke to Newswatch 16 while being led into police headquarters on Monday.


  • Cass Blaine

    Stunned eh? This is typical for the media. Always the people are stunned or shocked about something. I would be stunned if the media didn’t make hysteria out of these kinds of stories

  • Eunice

    why is she talking to reporters???? stop giving her coverage if she wants to confess should only be to police shame on the Daily Item for sensationalizng this and giving her press coverage! She may not be saying so much if only allowed to talk to the police.


    Kudos to the Sunbury police who captured these killers within 1 month of coming to Pennsylvania. It’s pretty obvious that Pennsylvania police are much more on the ball than the police in the states where the previous killings took place. Instead of giving the notoriety to these maniac killers, how about if the FBI, other police departments, and the rest of the citizens in this country concentrate on giving thanks and notoriety to the Sunbury police. The Sunbury police deserve the publicity, not these traveling serial killers.

    • Sundown

      True that, I see law enforcement trying diligently to keep up with the latest onslaught and surge on all manner of crime. They need to hire more all over this state.

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