Nanticoke Police Investigating Death of Infant

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NANTICOKE – Authorities in Luzerne County are investigating the death of a two-month-old boy on Valentine’s Day.

According to Nanticoke Police, officers were called to a home in an alleyway behind East Noble Street on Friday, and that an autopsy on Jaxon Eckrote was done on Saturday.

Investigators have not offered any explanation on the circumstances, only saying that they are trying to determine if the infant’s death was an accident or a crime.

Neighbors told Newswatch 16 that they saw police cruisers outside the building on Friday, but they did not hear about the death investigation until today.

Anyone with information about is asked to call the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office at 570-825-1674.


  • Diane

    Please get your facts before pointing fingers at vaccines…where did that come from anyway?? A baby dies….it must be vaccines? Ridiculous. “Police are investigating” tells me it’s something more. I’m a nurse educator and do a lot of vaccine education. You create a lot of undo fear when your facts aren’t correct.

  • Sundown

    Hopefully, this was a tragic accident, if this baby had a flu shot, that would be the first guess, I heard the shots have been causing a lot of problems this year in kids. We never get them. My husband and son got them twice, they got very sick. I refuse to get the shot.

    • vanessa

      Its real sad…doesn’t say anything about Valentines being two weeks ago btw, it says baby was found on Valentines Day, neighbors saw cruisers outside the house but didn’t hear about the death investigation until today…

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