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Snapshots of a Wintry Week

Posted on: 7:00 pm, February 16, 2014, by

A few photos from our viewers were sent into us.

We enjoy seeing how you all handle what kind of weather we’ve been having. The past week was certainly one to remember!

There were plenty of things about the last week in northeastern and central Pennsylvania that we might want to forget, the weight of the snow, the slippery roads, the Cold. But there are things that you, our viewers, want to remember.

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  • Never ending icicles on our front porch.

  • Almost roof to floor beauties in Fountain Springs

  • 8 to 10 foot icicle hanging on the back porch eve. Comes back every year, weather permitting.

  • Lewellyn, PA

  • The Abels

  • Old man winter is watching

  • This is our driveway covered in snow.

  • 1800's Farm Shed Framed in Icicles. Bradford County, PA

  • from Conygham, PA towards Hazleton, PA

  • This is what happens when I let my wife run the snow blower.

  • Hard at work clearing a path

  • Snow in Dingman's Ferry, part 1 of the storm

  • We always get strange shaped icicles appearing in this one area of our gutter. Here's the "Creepy Hanging Iceman" who showed up. Steve Porpora Honesdale

  • This bird, with snow on the beak, is standing on our deck railing in the snow in Tobyhanna, PA.

  • Our family built this snowman today.

  • Taken Friday, February 14 at Woodloch Springs. Vanessa Bionda 10 years old with her snowman (with dad's help) . Photo by grandpa, Richard Bionda

  • Well the kids certainly are making the best of all this snow

  • sideways icicle

  • Snow storm February 2014 Riverside, PA

  • Dean Paddock Feb 2014 in Herrickville PA

  • Although I can't wait for Spring, I thought this looked beautiful. Taken in Bloomsburg.

  • A Fluffy Cute Sparrow Looking In Our Dining Room Window. Maria Ananea Williamsport,Pa

  • Submitted by the Mertz Family from Muncy, Lycoming County.

  • icicles dripping at night

  • This photo was taken in Wapwallopen Pennsylvania by Ramona Talanca Hess

  • This photo was taken in Hobbie PA . The snow is so high this shed is half covered. Photo taken by Ramona Talanca Hess

  • Here is a photo of a home in Wapwallopen Pennsylvania that is covered with white fluffy snow. Photo taken by Ramona Talanca Hess

  • My family and I built our snowman over the weekend, and it towers just over 8 feet tall. We required scaffolding to place the head on and for finishing touches!

  • where do you put it all????

  • This is what we woke up to this morning. 24" drifts covering our entire driveway!!!. Thank God for my Kubota and Snow Blower. Dennis and Patti Dibbles home on Tyler mountain.

  • One happy snowman.. Berwick Pa

  • Patti and Dennis Dibble's property on Tyler mounyain outside Colley. Our Driveway. What a storm!!!!!! Most snow I've seen In years. DEnnis dibble

  • This was taken out our front door after the snowstorm of 2014. What a beautiful site.

  • This was taken out our front door after the snowstorm of 2014. What a beautiful site.

  • Garden-type face put on tree with snow all over it....like Mother Nature, we now have Father Snow!

  • Spreading the love on Valentine's Day!

  • Cure for the postal service complaint. The postal work keep leaving notes in my mail box to clear more snow. The town keeps plowing the mail box in. I am ill and cant shovel, so here is my new movable mail box!

  • Hope our snowman warms your heart this Valentines Day. Submitted by Mike & Cindy Stanek of Ashley.

  • Spring Snowman

  • Even birds were snowed in on 2-13-14

  • Round two snowstorm. 2/13/14

  • Me and my sister made a huge snowman. It took an hour!!

  • Me and my sister made a huge snowman. It took an hour!!

  • Me and my sister made a huge snowman. It took an hour!!

  • February Storm Slideshow

  • Enjoyed my coffee outside this morning. ICED coffee!

  • The snow falling resembled glitter falling from the sky.

  • kids had a blast making this little guy

  • winona lakes pa great for the kids play in but very hard to get out to try to get to work

  • Early morning sun on below zero snow.

  • Hickory Run, 8Feb14 - John E. B-Man

  • Francis Slocum Lake - aYOUR piCture Production!

  • January 2014 storm - Turkeys crossing the road behind my house.

  • Beautiful orange sunset on a crisp and cold evening, by Taylor Amoroso

  • late afternoon sun on the front yard

  • Lake front snow man on Lake Winola

  • my dog

  • Over the River and Thru the woods to Grandmas house we go

  • warm day makes fog on lake francis

  • Splash the Clown being creative with balloons in the snow in Pottsville 2/2014

  • While winter isn't my favorite time of year, it does spark my obsession for getting out and doing some photographing. Just never know what Mother Nature is going to show us next.

  • a beautiful snow covered tree in my backyard

  • Making the best of all this snow!!

  • Deer on Cronrath Farm , Catawissa

  • This delightful Teddy Bear swinging from our apple tree brightens eveyone as they pass by in the village of St. Joseph in Susquehanna County. Taken by Bill McVaugh 197 Quinn Road Friendsville, PA 18818 on 2/7/14.

  • Picture of our picnic table with 8" of snow. Lake-Lehman backyard in Feb. snowstorm.

  • A snowy tree in my front yard in Stroudsburg in Monroe County. Thanks, Your loyal viewer Randy S. Behn

  • Daughter defeated the dog in the snow-fight.... he shows you how he feels about it in the last picture! haha

  • SNOW DAY, SNOW DAY,SNOW DAY!! Making the best of it! Standing 9' feet tall, this is what we do on our snow day here in Centermorland, Wyoming Country.

  • Boys having fun in the snow sliding down the hill!

  • Edella Rd in Clarks Summit, is hiding on this fine cold wintry day!!!

  • A female cardinal and another bird enjoying the snow

  • Kaden and Kendra Bryson built their first snowman of the year. They froze colored ice cubes to make the details on Frosty.

  • One big snowman on South Williamsport SD first REAL snow day

  • Fresh snow atop a pretty birdhouse in our yard. There were baby birds born there this past summer.

  • My husband gave me this little pear tree on my birthday in October. I look forward to fruit this summer. But for now, it looks really cute with snow on it. :)

  • Tree Covered in snow

  • Midday.....after the storm on Feb. 5, 2014

  • snow on top of tree branches

  • We Live along the river and we have the joy of being able to see the mountains and the river from our back balcony! It is always a beautiful view no matter what the season is! This was our view yesterday after the now storm!

  • A bridge on Hill Road, trees covered with fresh fallen snow

  • February 6, 2014 -- 7:28 am

  • Our snow-woman on our snow day!

  • bird sitting in a tree 2-5-2014 Meshoppen,Pa

  • A snow cover hill in Meshoppen,Pa 2-5-2014

  • Lily Eisenhauer, 3, from Berwick standing alongside 2 giant snowpeople!

  • Lenny Kobbe having fun meeting Ryan Leckey.

  • The bushes in the front of my house this morning after 8 inches of snow.

  • Morgan Abbott took this photo of Buster on top of a snow mound that Matt Abbott made shoveling

  • It is so peaceful living in the woods in the winter time.

  • This is part of our backyard near Sweet Valley...about 8 inches today on top of 3 from Monday.

  • I Moved my car after the snowplow came through.

  • bird feed in the snow.

  • photo of sunset.

  • Slippery slope......EBB's Candy Jar in Tunkhannock

  • pottsville

  • Close to 6" of snow in Cressona, PA.

  • Jeff Hubler was traveling down to a Boy Scout training and happened to see a magnificent sight that would make a great photo. This photo was taken near Summit Station, PA.

  • They call it their ice angel

  • They call it their ice angel

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