Murder Suspect Miranda Barbour: “I’ve Killed Before”

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SUNBURY -- The story of the alleged "Craigslist Thrill-Killers" in Northumberland County is getting even more bizarre. One of the suspects accused of stabbing to death a man in Sunbury told a newspaper reporter she's killed before, more than 20 times.

Elytte and Miranda Barbour are accused of luring Troy LaFerrara, 42, through an ad on Craigslist, then stabbing him to death, just so they could kill someone together.

LaFerrara's body was found in Sunbury on November 12 of last year.

Francis Scarcella of The Daily Item newspaper in Sunbury is one of the reporters who has been covering the case since the beginning. For over a month, he's tried to interview Miranda Barbour in jail. On Friday he got his interview.

"Miranda had sent me a letter and said she wanted to speak," Scarcella said.

Scarcella and Barbour met inside the Northumberland County Prison. Scarcella came prepared with questions and Barbour had a lot to say.

"She said she has done this before. I said 'what's the actual number?' She said 'under 100,'" Scarcella said.

Scarcella said Barbour told him she stopped counting at 22 murders. According to Scarcella, Barbour claimed she is involved in Satanism.

But just how sincere is Miranda Barbour?

"She was very meek, very mild. She was very low-voiced. She never hesitated once. She never gave the impression this was a rehearsal," said Scarcella.

Scarcella said Barbour told him she is ready to speak with police about her other victims.

"I said, 'Miranda, as you sit here do you have any remorse?' She said 'none,'" Scarcella said.

So far none of Barbour's claims have been verified by police. Sunbury police said they are investigating and have been in contact with law enforcement agencies in other states.


  • Scallywagandvagabond (@ScallywagNYC)

    One can’t help if Barbour is somehow making stories up, serving herself up to be a demon incarnate, or a larger than life wonder who will now have a demagogue status as one of America’s ruthless killers. And that in some way may explain why and how she went about her killings under the tawdry guise of a ruthless sex killer who would then go to strip shows and dinner parties as if nothing happened or mattered, except to say she had finally done something greater and beyond what she could possibly have ever hoped for as a then down and out molested 19 year old….

  • Sundown

    People like her have a satanic mind-set, whether they worship the devil in actuality or not, it’s a form of satanic worship when you do kill in this manner, and I doubt she did kill 20+ people, someone like this lies all the time anyway. Most criminals do, whether violent or non-violent.

  • Sundown

    I wouldn’t doubt it is she truly was, people don’t take satanism seriously enough, it’s very real. The bible is not a mere storybook, but an ancient how-to on life, morals, etc,,, in general as well as a guide to God. On another news story I read she has a child?!?!?! OMG help this poor kid!

    • Sundown

      @jimbo God is where He always is, everywhere. What counts for eternity is what counts at the end of the day. If these victims were soliciting prostitutes, perhaps they didn’t die in Grace. This world is both beautiful and horrible. The freewill and fall of man are cause for those who choose evil, and if it’s evil they choose, it’s where they spend eternity. Choose evil, end up in hell. Choose to follow God, and end up in heaven. It’s pretty cut n dry. Innocent children are covered by God’s Grace. The guilty must receive God’s Grace through the work of the cross and Our Savior Jesus Christ. Period. Doesn’t matter who we are, how good we think we are, or what religion we are. Sin is paid exclusively thru the work of the cross. By announcing satan, even if it’s just to get off as crazy, which I don’t think will fly, she will announce her eternal fate.

  • messiah

    They should be condemned to death in death and hades,but the Good Lord decides their fate in the New Testament!

    • deborahrmorgan

      Just like a guy to label people stupid when the responsibilty for their own actions is brought to light. I dont care if s he didnt LOOK 16….the guy was a highly educated mature adult….and he KNEW better. Again, i am not condoning the murdrr but he wasnt imnocent here either. He was participating in risky behavior both to himself and his family and that is the end of that.

  • deborahrmorgan

    Look im not condoning what her and her husband did. But what about the guy here…..he was an educated individual…..and he thought he was getting sex from a 16 year old and so he was more than willing to break the law both morally and legally……what about that folks…..reaping what you sow right. How bout this……lets just decriminalize prostitution. ….its a job folks.

    • Sundown

      While I am not for decriminalizing prostitution, I agree that he got what he was looking for. He had no business buying sex. It’s just gross is all.

      • deborahrmorgan

        Thats exactly right…so now there is more than one victim….because you tell me what woman in her right mind would want to have sex w some overweight 42 year old for 100 bucks…..none. he was exploiting her economic disadvantage……hes as much of a scumbag as she is…..

  • Charles Renninger

    Probably just taking the focus off her hubby/boyfriend..
    He probably did all of the murders, told her to take the rap for it..
    He is older than her and all.. Get her to be his scapegoat, patsy, etc. whatever… so he can walk and do more.. or whatever..
    Brainwashed the kid… Ala Manson style.

  • Sundown

    true that most likely, either way, it’s sad her mind is gone goodbye..altho, perhaps psychopaths aren’t always that intelligent or calculating? The sociopath/psychopath combos are usually the smart ones. I know a few psychopaths that aren’t very bright, but what do I know? My IQ ain’t all that…now my EQ? Thru the roof. I am a Christian, and we are taught “all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God,” however, there is a verse about “being turned over to a depraved mind,” which means to me, that God already knows those who aren’t planning on turning back. People like her, yates, smith, and serial killers, baby killers etc…might just fall into that category…let’s just say I would make a lousy prison minister!

    • mdog

      Life can be great or evil, it depends on the shoes your given- in some cases good or bad.
      People that choose to kill refuse to upgrade the shoes, or wear them in comfort.(the well off ones) Instead they breed more horror.
      Build a large dark room with a pit in the middle with a mile down hole.
      Give this “room” a one way door corridor.(capital punishment)
      They have chosen their path with no mercy, so our system needs to set them free to this award.They will not create more horror. Don’t get me wrong i feel terrible for her life, but no more shall suffer from the sprouted evil created within her and him. Am i wrong? No one person
      has to throw the switch and live with it.

  • bev

    The word says we reap what we sow so if we a subject to the law of the land let them receive the same punishment the sowed out.

  • bev

    The work say we are subject to the law of the land I believe she she receive the same punishment as she handed out! You reap what you sew( so be it.)

  • mastermind

    Two minutes alone with that pig and her husband, and I’d let them see what it is to be taken apart and hurt real good!!!!!!!!!!

  • deb

    Ready Aim… Fire… It’s cheaper…..and better than allowing scum like this get treated better in Jail than our VETS .. Seniors and children with disabilities get treated on the streets and by our govt funded programs.. … Not worth a trial…

  • Sabrina Sands

    They both should be behind bar’s and let them pay being sexually abuse or what ever it maybe , That is no reason to kill someone you meet , and Have it all set up to murder someone , This is why people abuse the internet crazy people like her , May she never get out of prison .Give her death row her and her husband

  • Laurice

    Why admit to more killings? This seems like an insane defense in the making. She was 18 when she committed this murder and there were 20 before that. OK don’t believe it.

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