Wyoming County Digs Out After Another Storm

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TUNKHANNOCK -- Even though Saturday's storm didn't bring as much snow as we saw on Thursday, many people said they stayed home throughout the worst of the winter weather.

When the afternoon rolled around and snow slowed down, They did hit the roads.

In downtown Tunkhannock people were dealing with more slush than snow on the roadways.

Drivers said the roads were pretty clear.

However, cleaning off their cars everyday is what is really becoming a pain.

"I live in a rural area so moving snow and doing stuff with snow is getting old. I wish it would just warm up already," said Chris Rezykowski of Springville township.

Frank Andrews of Falls township said, "I had to come up this way today to get some stuff and that's the only reason I came out. Once I get home, I'm not going anywhere."

"I got up yesterday morning and it took me about two hours to shovel just around the car and get the snow off the car. Then this morning, it snowed again and it took me an hour and a half to get it uncovered," said William Dieffefbach of Tunkhannock.

With some areas dropping down to the single digits overnight on Saturday, that slush will turn into ice and black ice.

If you're heading out, be sure to take it slow.