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Taking the Plunge for a Good Cause

PALMYRA TWP — This kind of weather is enough to make people to do some crazy things!

Try taking a dip in Lake Wallenpaupack all to benefit the dive teams that come to the rescue year-round at the lake in Wayne and Pike counties.

With the white stuff coming down all around them all these brave souls were taking the plunge into an icy Lake Wallenpaupack near Hawley.

Lew Strunk of Moosic emerged from the frigid waters keeping positive in spite of the obvious extreme reaction to the bone-chilling cold.

“A little bit chilly but it’s not that bad at all beautiful temperature, sunny day I’d be getting a tan,” said Strunk.

This was the third annual Paupack Plunge hosted by the Lighthouse Harbor Marina along Route 507. Volunteers carved out a nice spot in the 16-inch thick ice and the rest was left to the dozens of brave plungers to get into the lake.

“Pretty crazy, even the rescue guys out there, you gotta give them a lot of credit,” said Tom Lechner from Hellertown.

Last year, $6,000 was raised for the local fire companies’s dive teams. Members of those teams stood in the lake making sure everyone had fun and stayed safe.

“The proceeds will go to Tafton and Ledgedale and their dive team which is very important for the people who come up here in the summer, the boating season,” said Art Philipp of Scranton.

Some even dressed up for the occasion. Costumes that no matter how creative could not keep man woman or child warm once they were in the water. At the end of the day, the dive teams appreciate all the support.

“Year after year it amazes me. It’s unbelievable people want to come and jump into the water,” said Tafton Water Team Rescue member Richard Groo.

“It’s a great cause, freezin for a reason, it helps out the dive team, all the people come out, it’s refreshing,” said Plunger Michael Stanton.

We all know it was around freezing outside, but that water was also about as cold -in the mid 30’s for the Paupack Plunge.

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