Hitting the Roads During the Latest Snowstorm

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More snow which means more frustrated commuters and often short tempers.

Several inches of the white stuff came down here in Luzerne County which made for rough travel during the morning and afternoon commutes.

"What are the roads like? They're awful. We actually just watched a whole family completely spin out on the highway right in front of us so, we're a little tweaked right now," said Sharon Featherstone of NY.

Here at this rest stop along Interstate 81, we spoke to several families who planned on using this Saturday as commuting time. However, the weather has slowed them down.

"It's horrible and we just spun out! What was that like? That had to be a little scary? No, it was fun," said Sochitl Tai-Dawson from Boston, Mass.

Fun for the kids in the backseat, maybe, but for mom, it's been a white knuckle ride for the whole way.

"It was just hold on, hold on, hold on! It's probably our third time we've spun out while we've been driving, so, it's pretty scary," said Tammy Tai-Dawson.

Slipping and sliding cars were a common sight as the snow came down. We found several motorists trying to make their way up the on ramp to I-81 South, at the Interstate 80/81 interchange.

We spoke with Brian Kelly who was attempting to make his way to Virginia. Being from Bristol, CT, Kelly said he's used to the snow, just not so much of it.

"This is not a normal winter. Even in CT, we have had more snow in the past three years than I can remember since I was young, very young," said Kelly.

Now there is always some light at the end of the tunnel. The good news tonight is that the Stormtracker 16 team says we have a big warmup on the way.