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Fire Destroys Candle-Making Factory

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BARRETT TWP -- The facility that makes Mountainhome Candles went up in flames Saturday morning in Monroe County.

The fire did not affect the company's retail store but thousands of dollars worth of supplies and machinery were lost in the fire.

The owner says this is the second time the factory located behind their store has burned in the past few years.

He did not have insurance on the factory.

The owner believes a propane leak make have caused the fire in Monroe County.

Their retail store is still open at this time.


  • MAC

    You idiots would probably blame obamacare if you couldnt afford HEALTH insurance too! This is the second time they’ve had a fire in the past few years. Do you think its possible that the factory was unsafe and that’s why they felt it was too expensive to buy insurance? or maybe Obamacare has made it too difficult to have proper maintenance and housekeeping at the factory? Lets see – what else can you blame obamacare for? what opponents of obamacare fail/refuse to understand is that the cost of people without health insurance is being paid for by the people that do and the taxpayers. When someone gets sick, they still get taken care of at the hospital and someone has to pay for it – period. Its totally unfair to those of us with health insurance that so many people don’t have it.

  • David B. McWilliams

    su & cheryl a small business only has so much money to go around, and the communist obamacare law is causing a lot of to be used other than business necessities


    Small business owners are struggling in this economy of Socialistic Government mandates and Delusional Liberal Law. Like a lot of small business this one just could not afford all the Socialistic Government Insurance crap and must have chose to not have Fire Insurance after being forced to have Obamacare.

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