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Young Sisters Killed In Crash, Mother, Other Sister Hospitalized

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FISHING CREEK TOWNSHIP -- A crash site along Route 487 near Orangeville claimed the lives of two young sisters Friday morning.

State police said the girls’ mother, Amanda Haskell, 28, was driving with her three daughters just before nine in the morning when she crossed into the opposite lane.

Her minivan and a utility truck collided, and her daughters, Abigail Haskell, 8, and Charlotte Haskell, 3, were killed.

On East Third Street in Berwick, where the girls lived, neighbor Gary McKenna said he saw them playing all the time.

“So good together, they`re romping playing, you could tell it was a happy family,” said McKenna.

State police said Amanda and her other daughter, Allison Haskell, 5, were taken to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville.

“Jeffrey would walk by the girls and the wife would walk by in the summertime, they were just darling little kids, walking by, going to miss seeing them walk by all the time,” said McKenna.

Two deputy coroners who were called to the scene were overwhelmed with the loss.

For deputy coroner Wendy Statskey, this was her first time handling a child`s death.

“Can you do it? Do what you have to do and that’s what’s going through my mind,” said Statskey. “If it was my child, I can't imagine what the mom and father are going through.”

Even the first responders left the scene with a heavy heart, seeing two lives cut short too soon.

“It is much harder when you have their whole life ahead of them, but it's' hard on everybody,” said Aaron Yustat.

At last check with the hospital Friday evening, Amanda Haskell was listed in fair condition, her daughter Allison was in critical.

State police said the driver of the utility truck was not hurt.

At the time of the crash, both drivers and the eight year old were wearing seat belts; the two younger children were in booster seats.


  • Jason

    I could begin to know how the mother and father feel to loose kids at such a young age this is very sad as for the first responders I ran with a local ambulance for a couple of year and I know how heavy of a heart u have when u have something like this nothing worst then a lifeless child so very sad and nothing u can do to make matters better

  • Ted

    In photos from the scene the road looks icy & slick.
    It was an accident waiting to happen there.
    This happened on a country road that gets little care
    and she probably started sliding.
    Such a tragic loss of lives so young with a family
    now shattered forever. Those girls would’ve had
    kids of their own someday.

  • Rita

    My thoughts have been with this family since hearing about this tragedy.
    There are no words to explain the sadness.

    I’m very sad for their loss.

    God bless this family and give them strength to get through this.

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