Signs Of Spring In Wayne County?

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HAMLIN -- After all the heavy snow, it seems everywhere we look we are reminded of winter.

But if you look closely there are signs of spring out there, sort of. We found some in Wayne County.

It almost sounded like a snowthrower in Hamlin was groaning as it struggles with some heavy snow, groaning like a lot of us after the winter that won't quit.

But as Mark Bryant clears the snow, he thinks ahead.

“Spring’s coming,” Bryant said. “Baseball starts March 1 so it's got to get here sooner or later.”

The Tractor Supply in Hamlin was thinking spring when it lined the front with lawn tractors. Those lawn tractors are buried under more than a foot of snow.

“I actually need one!” said customer Bobby Lesh.

Lesh says it's nice to see spring stuff on display outside even if the snow stole the snow.

“I'm dreaming about it, with turkey season and I can get back out and do some fishing.”

At tractor supply there are displays of fertilizer and lawn seed right out front, but it might be a little tough to plant right now with 20 inches of snow on the ground.

Sara Yatsonsky at Tractor Supply Company said people aren’t really buying spring stuff yet.

“There's a lot of winter stuff. People are looking for shovels, not lawnmowers and weed whackers.”

In front of Shaffer's Do It Best Hardware just down the road, there are bags of potting soil covered with snow.

Inside, customers are still focused on the winter items.

“It's been terrible, a lot of rock salt going out of here."

As Sue Sloan sells all that rock salt, she can glance over at the big display of grills at Shaffer's, helping her and others think spring in the middle of this rough winter.

“I'm ready for it, bring it on,” Sloan said.