Jersey Shore Couple Say “I Do” on Good Morning America

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JERSEY SHORE -- A couple from Lycoming County got married on national television today. Alexandra Rall and Jeremy Lazorka of Jersey Shore won the "Epic Wedding Showdown" contest on ABC's Good Morning America, and said their "I do's" in front of millions of people.

"It's a fairytale is how I would explain it," Alex's aunt Cheryl Palski said.

Alex and Jeremy were chosen out of about 700 couples to compete on GMA for their dream wedding.

"I've just been pins and needles all week since last Friday when they won," Jeremy's aunt Tina Ankney said.

Everything from the dress to the entertainment by superstar John Legend was paid for.

"It's real special. It is," Alex's grandfather James Eck said.

Since Alex and Jeremy could only invite a small number of guests and they both have large families, their loved ones gathered at The Who's Inn near Williamsport to watch the wedding on television.

"We just decided since we couldn't be there we would pick a spot to have everyone who could come, to come," Palski said.

So aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents came together to share their loved ones' special day with the rest of the country.

"Six million people Jeremy said will watch this! It's just unbelievable," Ankney said.

"It's really exciting to come out in the open when you're not used to being in the limelight," Eck said.

Alex and Jeremy's families will still get to see the couple get married. Alex and Jeremy plan to get married again later this year in Lycoming County.