Jersey Boys Ticket Holders Want A Refund

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SCRANTON -- The snow may have stopped a lot of things on Thursday, but not a tribute to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

The Jersey Boys show at the Scranton Cultural Center played on.

Broadway in Scranton says about 850 people showed up for the performance.  About 1,000 had bought tickets for the show.

Susan Thomas from Mount Cobb is one of the 150 people who did not make it to Thursday night's performance of Jersey Boys in Scranton.

Thomas will not get a refund but there's still a chance for her and those other ticket holders to see the show.

"It’s not fair. it Kind of ruined our Valentine's Day because this was for Valentine’s."

Thomas and her boyfriend planned to see Jersey Boys at the Scranton Cultural Center until the winter weather hit.

They spent $136 on tickets.

“We couldn’t go because the weather was so severe and we tried to call and get our money back or see another show. They told us they couldn’t do that,” Thomas said.

Thomas says first, she called Ticketmaster.

“Then we called Scranton Cultural Center and they said that they couldn’t do it. Even though we’re upset that so many people had called and they weren’t doing anything about it.”

A spokesperson for Broadway in Scranton says the Scranton Cultural Center just holds the event; Broadway in Scranton is the place that these people need to contact because they’re the ones who sell the tickets.

The cultural center's Facebook page has been getting a lot of comments regarding the show.  A post on the page explains ticket holders who did not go because of the snow should contact Broadway in Scranton.

Broadway in Scranton says it is doing what it can to accommodate those who didn't make the show.

Thomas says she wanted to go but wasn't going to risk it.

“The choice was either to try to go and get stuck or get killed, so we stayed home to be safe. I think they should do something about this."

Jersey Boys will be playing in Scranton through the weekend

If you had tickets for Thursday night's show and didn't go, call Broadway in Scranton at 570-342-7784.

The company is trying to accommodate ticket holders by getting them tickets for another show for the same value. For more information, click here.


  • Tammy Guthrie

    I agree. You bought the tickets and chose not to go. 850 or so people did go and watched the show. The company can not be held responsible for the weather. Now if the show had been canceled then yes a refund would have been in order. Also anyone who is complaining can call and accept the new tickets to another show. Dang people mother nature is horrible this year, get over it!

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