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Home Invasion Robbery Suspect Arrested

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SCRANTON — Police in Scranton arrested a man for a home invasion and armed robbery in the city.

Officers say Anthony Strother, 18, from Virginia is one of two armed men who broke into a home in December of 2013 and demanded money from the University of Scranton students inside.

Strother is locked up. The other suspect is still on the loose.


  • KyleBrennan

    THIS! Is exactly why I got security cameras!!!!!!! So you can catch people like this after the fact or scare them away before. The way a lot of these criminals are behaving I don’t want to be opening my door for just anyone knocking. What really pushed me over the edge was my neighbor getting robbed! The next day I went online to southern circuits and ordered a camera system… anyway I realize that was a little off topic but, I’m kind of happy they caught the guy. It sends a message to other criminals that you’re not going to get away with robbing hard working people!

  • azucar

    What no one has admitted is how many times these Scranton students are being robbed. You wanna know why…? Their dealing POT, which bring thugs to rob them. I cannot believe no one was smart enough to catch on. Oh and I guess you wouldn’t consider the Scranton students drug dealers because their in college and not on anyone’s corner.

  • Sundown

    IF he has any hope for a future, he needs turn in his buddy, I believe that when they’re up to 25 there is hope for change…after that, it just gets hard..glad everyone was ok? This peach was from Virginia and here on business? Mayor of Scranton, lots of ugly news coming from your neck of the woods, prevention tactics and citizens awareness are your best weapons to start with, and no mercy on the criminals to end with. Let them know you mean business in Scranton!

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