Digging Out In Pike County

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PIKE COUNTY -- The latest winter storm dumped a recorded 20 inches of snow in parts of Pike County, including Dingmans Ferry.

A crew was working to clear the mounds of snow that have piled up this winter from a housing development in Dingmans Ferry.

They said they are running out of room to put all the snow.

Next week, they plan to start hauling it away.

"We've been busy. We haul salt and anti-skid. We're running low on salt, and we're running low on anti-skid. It's been a never-ending winter, and I've lived here my whole life," said Doug Lutz of D & S Hauling.

The heavy snow caused enough concern that Mike Bannon climbed to the roof of his mom's house in Dingmans Ferry.

"We don't want the snow hanging out there for too long, it's, I mean can you imagine how much weight that it? Extra weight on the roof? And once it starts melting, you know, we'll get leaks all over the place," he said.

There were of course sidewalks and driveways to shovel too.

Next week, there could be a thaw.

John Gwiadowski of Dingmans Ferry plans to clear his roof area because of that.

"Yes, that's what I worry abut, what ice dams, what comes in the house, what doesn't. That's every year though. I have my snow rake, I'll pull it back tomorrow," he said.