Two Children Killed In Columbia County Crash

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FISHING CREEK TOWNSHIP -- A crash in Columbia County Friday morning leaves two children dead.

A mother and her three children from the Berwick area were involved in that deadly crash.

Two of the children were killed.

It happened before 9 a.m. near Orangeville, north of Bloomsburg.

A van and truck crashed on Route 487 in Fishing Creek Township.

The Columbia County coroner’s office says Abigail Haskell, 8, and her sister Charlotte, 3, died at the scene.

Their mother Amanda and another daughter, Allison, 5, survived and are in a hospital. All are from Berwick.

According to state police the white vehicle was heading north on Route 487 and the green minivan was heading south when the collision occurred.

Investigators believe that speed may have been a factor in the crash.  State police say the mother, Amanda, crossed over the center line.

Trucker Shane Fritz didn't see the crash but had to park his rig because of the road being closed.

“I think it's terrible. I wish it never happened. Don’t know them, at least I hope not.”

Two deputy coroners were at the scene, and are having a hard time dealing with the death of two children.

“We do what we have to do and go home and think about it. Not good thoughts,” Ron Taylor.

“If it was my child I can't imagine what the mom and father are going through,” said deputy coroner Wendy Statskey.

Even experienced first responders were shaken.

“It bothers me, yes. And you have to look at it this way, it was the Lord's will to take the children and he has plans he wants them to do,” said emergency responder Wilson Lynn.

State police say the investigation continues into the crash.

Route 487 was closed for several hours. It has been reopened.

Officials have not said if the crash was weather related.


  • Nurse#1

    I do not see children’s booster seats or carseats in the van. To everyone out there, buckle up your children, Please!

  • Kerry

    I say stop pointing finger as to what could or couldn’t have been avoided. We were not in the car to truly know what was happening. The families have enough grief to deal with. Shut up and pour out some support and get some collections started to help the poor family. No more negativity. Pray for them all!!!!!!!

  • kkup

    D Wade and Owen, I see you have no compassion and are worried about spelling. (Bullies)
    Steph probably used the speaker on her cell device and didn’t notice it when she posted.
    My prayers go out to all the family of these innocent lives lost. With every season thdte is a reason.

  • Steph

    My prayers go out to the family and the mother of the children I live in Berwick and I have 3 children and the van looks just like mine I had received several phone calls and facebook message people seeing if my children and I were okay. My heart really goes out to e family I can’t even admagine what is going on in there heads I know what was going on in mine

  • Sundown

    It would be horrifying for the family to see this and recognize the vehicle, but I don’t think it unusual to release the story or photo, it’s not like it hasn’t been done by other news sites and papers..however, I agree that nothing should be reported outside of “several accidents due to weather,” and then wait until the families are notified…

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