A Rude Awakening In The Poconos

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MOUNT POCONO -- It’s the sound so many of us experienced this morning: a crunchy coating of ice that covered cars trucks and SUVs while many were sound asleep.

Newswatch 16 caught up with Sandee Anderson outside a hotel in Monroe County.   Anderson spent the night in Mount Pocono to make sure she could get to work on this Valentine’s Day where it seemed Mother Nature wasn’t showing any of us much love.

“To come out to find it slap you in the face,” Anderson said.

The snowy scenes played out for one hotel guest after the other.

“I’ve already done this all the way around and I woke up and it was all back,” said Jamie Daigle of Williamsport. “It’s light. I can kind of just get it all out of here.”

For others this lunar-like landscape will be a memorable one.  Jim Gauthier is in our area from Atlanta, Georgia.

“I’ve never seen anything greater than six or eight inches, a good ice storm,” Gauthier said. “Once is enough.”

One weather woe people faced in the Poconos was the whipping wind which caused plenty of snow drifts, some of which almost completely covered cars in snow.

The weather story was the same at Pocono Mountains Muncipal Airport.  There were white-out conditions there at times but as the day continues, flights are scheduled for takeoff.

Like the pilots, many of us will also be keeping our eyes on the sky as yet more snow is expected to hit our area this weekend.