Winter Weather in Clinton County

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It seems like Mother Nature won't give us a break. So far it's snowed several times this winter. Tom Bates knows that all too well. He is in charge of shoveling the snow around Great Island Presbyterian Church in Lock Haven.

"It's not just this side. It's all the way down that side and all the way down that side," Bates said.

Bates says he is happy there are only a few inches of snow to shovel.

"You got it. And it's not cold and frigid. That cold is what gets me. I can handle snow when it's 25-30 degrees, but that below zero stuff--that's when it's bad," Bates said.

Tammy Skiles of mill hall agrees. She works outside too.

"I prefer it to be snowing and better temperatures than two feet of snow and zero degrees," Skiles said.

Katie De Silva drives from Williamsport to lock haven for work. She says so far this winter the snow hasn't affected her commute.

"I'm glad we don't have 24 inches coming down. This is like normal winter stuff for us here in Central PA," De Silva said.

Not everyone is happy with the amount of snow we have here in Lock Haven. These kids say they're having a good time playing in it and they want even more snow!

"I like sled riding down the snow with my friends and I like building snowmen," Taylor Campbell said.

These children from Lock Haven enjoyed their day off from school, but they don't think there is enough snow.

"How much more do you wish you could have? 20 feet," Campbell said.

"30. 30 feet? What would you do with 30 feet of snow? Make a snow fort," Jake Katichner said.

That would be quite a snow fort!