Snow And Water Woes In Mobile Home Park

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UPDATE FRIDAY: Water was back on by 1 p.m. Friday

CLIFTON TOWNSHIP -- Imagine being without running water in this weather.  That's a reality for an entire neighborhood in Lackawanna County.

And the residents in Clifton Township don't know when they'll get water back because the weather is keeping crews from repairing the problem.

There's plenty of water surrounding the homes at Pocono Mobile Manor near Gouldsboro but it's not in the right form. The snow will eventually let up here, but residents say they don't have a reliable forecast when it comes to a more pressing problem.

About 30 homes in the neighborhood lost running water Wednesday afternoon. the mobile home park has well water and officials who manage the park say a pump on one the wells broke and these folks are without water until further notice.

“We were getting prepared for the weather, not this mishap!”

A few residents spoke with Newswatch 16 but didn't want to be identified. They told us dealing with no water is even more frustrating in a snow storm. Property managers told them they could get buckets of water at the park's only working well but the quarter-mile trip there feels much farther in these conditions.

“Now we can't fill nothing up for this that's coming down. We're going to shovel snow into the tub to get water so we can flush toilets.”

They're also afraid that their pipes will freeze if the problem goes on any longer but the property manager can't tell residents when the well will be fixed. The property manager told Newswatch 16 that workers couldn't do the necessary digging in this snow.

So, the water is stagnant while the snow piles up and residents' frustrations rise.

“It's becoming a problem trying to get the water and it's so cold out here, no one wants to go outside. The snow is not helping!"

Property managers for Pocono Mobile Manor say they hope to start repairs on the well on Friday but that, of course, depends on the weather.


  • luvshorses

    Come on people, I lived without water, heat and electricity for 9 days (and I am the “weaker” gender.. a female in my 50s then) in the middle of February with one of the Ice Storms in Bear Creek – when all the lines went down, there could be no source of heat or electricity to melt the snow other than by a camping stove . The snow can be melted with a propane stove (if there is no electricity, but since they have the electricity they can melt it in pots on their stoves) and used for other purposes than drinking… and the owner of the mobile park should provide drinking water.

  • Fisher

    A few residents spoke with Newswatch 16 but didn’t want to be identified.
    That tells you the owner is a a-ss-hole and the residents are afraid of repercussions from the scumbag.

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