Scranton Father Accused of Shaking Baby Daughter

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SCRANTON -- A 21-year-old father in Lackawanna County is locked up tonight accused of badly injuring his two month old daughter because she wouldn't stop crying.

Scranton Police made the arrest Wednesday night after the father himself called 9-1-1 saying his daughter had stopped breathing. The father, Josh Simon, of Scranton first told police his daughter had a bad case of the flu.

Simon later admitted to the abuse after doctors said the baby suffered severe head trauma.

Josh Simon of Scranton posted a picture on Facebook last month of him cradling his newborn daughter who is now two months old. According to Scranton Police, Simon called 911 last night when the baby stopped breathing.

Police and EMT's arrived at Simon's home on Sanderson Avenue and saw that the baby had bruises on her face and a scratch under her eye. Simon insisted though the baby only had a bad case of the flu.

After doctors found that the baby's brain was bleeding, Simon admitted that he shook the baby "very hard" because she wouldn't stop crying. According to court papers, Simon said he then hit her with a closed fist and threw the baby on the couch.

Police charged Simon with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Neighbors in Scranton said Simon and his family are new to Sanderson Avenue, they didn't even know Simon had a young child.

"We're hearing about it a little bit too much anymore. I think they ought to look into a see if they can get family intervention with these type of people. I don't know what to say, it's really sad to hear I hope the baby's going to be ok," said neighbor Jim Walsh.

While Simon was being charged by police, his two month old daughter was being airlifted to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville for treatment.

Scranton Police Chief Carl Graziano said the baby girl is now on life support.

"This is one of the most difficult cases to be on when police officers investigate these. Because officers have children and it's human nature that babies are innocents, the innocence of a baby. It's very frustrating on the officer's part to investigate these," Chief Graziano said.

Josh Simon was arraigned on charges of aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and reckless endangerment last night. He is being held at the Lackawanna County Prison on bail.


  • Girl

    As a nurse, this is one of the worst things possibe, seeing a innocent young newborn being harmed. It’s very upsetting to know “parents” would treat their child this way. It’s very disgusting and I hope he is never able to come on contact with the child.

  • Kat

    This kid shoud have never been able to produce a child. I knew him personally, and in my opinion if you’re in and out of behavioral programs such as the arc etc, they should’ve been more closely monitoring him around a newborn. It’s disgusting.

  • cheryll sandly

    while everyone is so quick to past judgement on the father some people need to realize the amount of mental disease there is out there and pray for that innocent 2 month old baby to pull through this horrific ordeal.

    • Sundown

      Of course everyone wants the baby to recover?! What doe that have to do with “mental illness” being a license to do unspeakable things? Evil fits the bill more precisely! Mental illness doesn’t make you kill, evil does. There are people that are mentally ill that aren’t violent, there are people not mentally ill that are violent. The only constant in this? That some people are violent; henceforth, EVIL!!!!!! You have to be evil to punch a little baby in the face. This guy needs dismemberment.

  • Tanya

    Gas the sicko!!!!!!!!!!!! We are paying for soo many sick human beings to stay in jail or they get to get out and they do the same thing over again.if it were up to me..This sick person would not be in this world anymore.i hope that innocent baby will survive and will be with a loving family like she deserves. God pray for her..

  • Jessica

    I was 19 years old when I had my first child and they did it then, and they still do it now…you have to watch a video at the hospital about shaken baby syndrome and you have to sign a paper saying you did so. He is an adult and he knew exactly what he was doing. He then punched a 2 month old in the face! He should be facing attempted murder charges. Sad, horrified, and disgusted!

  • jr

    This is very sad … that child may not make it … the problem is that some people act out of frustration children that young don’t tell you what’s wrong all they do is cry …. so you have to check to see if they are wet want to eat sick hot or tired … if you changed them fed them and they don’t stop crying put them down in there crib walk away and calm down then recheck them call a friend or family to hold them or to figure out what’s wrong or take them to see the doctor the doctor would rather see them 100 times then to see them surrfeing from a parent hurting them out of fusteration … I had a son who had acid reflux I knew something was wrong but it took see the doctor 3 times before they figured it out … I didn’t shake him I fed him changed him put him in his swing went outside to rake leaves to get away from his crying … my child is 7 now and he surrived me away for a while its better than hurting an innocent child

  • ME

    Absolutely Disgusting! What is wrong with people? Why is someone this young fathering children they have no idea how to raise or what types of behavior to expect? Even so, there are thousands of people out there who would’ve gladly raised this poor child. Now she languishes in a hospital to await her fate. Sickening!

  • luvshorses

    I am in agreement with jellystoneranger. These acts of violence stem from the one committing these heinous acts believing they are entitled to a life where nothing goes wrong and they don’t have to work, their wants should be met because after all, they are entitled!!! For a person that outweighs the child by 20 times or more to actually believe that they need to hit or shake the child to quiet it down… is there no circuit running to their brains telling them that that action will only produce more of what they cannot tolerate.. crying.. because you can bet your sweet tootie that if that frikiken idjet (and I cleaned that up) were to be hit by someone 20 or more times his weight and picked up and shaken violently, he would be crying is butt off like a weeping willow tree… he is trash – that poor baby is a product of not someone wanting to start a family and love a child, but the result of the entitlement of wanting a sexual release .. I pray that God help this child and that this poor excuse for a “father” is never let out of jail.

    • Sundown

      True that, we just went thru dealing with a bunch of 20 somethings who think that the world owes them, that parents are ATM’s with feet, and they get to rule a roost that they neither built or contributed to never mind the fact that they DON’T get to rule anything until they get their own place(s). They had it good here too, and hand-up if you will, but this ain’t no half-way house and no hand-outs. Once they passed 21 and then some they got the boot. They have no conscience, no respect, no clue. They know nothing of consequences, responsibility, or accountability. I had to deal with people who didn’t even live under my roof, they would come over and throw their weight around like they paid for something, like it was their house, and disrespect me in my own home. Oh no, I am VERY territorial, and I told them until they evolved from Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon, they best not come back, don’t even let me catch you in my yard. Don’t call my house, don’t look our way. Keep your ill-manners and garbage to yourselves.
      And yah, this guy needs to go down like the rabid dog that he is.

  • robin

    It makes me sick to think of how you can hurt a baby my god what the hell is wrong with this world and where the hell was the Mother this is all you hear any more people need to stop having babies if you cant Handle of being a parent God please let this baby be ok

  • Concerned

    I feel as tho this is a product of kids having kids, immaturity and not having a good family behind you to be there and help. I have a child and when he was an infant he never slept nor did I. He was on an apnea monitor and had bad reflux. He cried often and it was not easy but never in a billion years was I so angry that I ever wanted to harm my precious baby!! Cry yes we both cried together! Where was the mother? At that age I refused to leave my child with anyone alone not even his dad n he has a fantastic father! God Bless this precious lit one and I pray for her complete recovery! In our area the sad part about this is one day this man will be allowed to have this child back!! Someone close to me has dealt with C&Y about their own children n their drug addicted mother n was told sadly wed rather the children with a heroine addicted parent then to b in foster care! Our county in whole has become a sick, money driven disgusting place that just keeps shoveling all issues under a mat! God Bless this precious child and hopefully she will be placed in a healthy environment where she gets a chance to strive at life surrounded by loving people who deserve her!

    • Billy Sweeney

      Kid? when is 21 a kid? My wife was 23, never laid a hand on our kids. This grown MAN should be killed. If he had an absentee father he should be killed as well. What we lack here is parenting. Kids gettin in the way of dads video game time….WTF? KILL em all.

      • Concerned

        21 is a kid these days. It’s not like it was back in the day. My parents had 3 kids by time they were 22. Nowadays a lot of ppl kids ESP lack responsibility n a good up bringing were their own parents are absent or allow them to get away with everything not needing to b responsible for there actions! It’s just the way of the world’s a vicious place to be. I feel as tho we should create an island just for scumbags who do harm to kids and that comit horrific crimes ship them their n let them fend for themselves shuffle out the rotten n weed them away n not have the good ppl to pay for them to eat sleep n sh*t comfortably in prison:)

      • ME

        I agree. I know several people, including my own father, who were married and raising a family at 22. Yes, it’s young, but none of them ever acted like this toward their children. They accepted responsibility for their decisions. Some kids today are just disgusting and amoral. It’s sad, really, that society has come to this.

  • Theresa Cruise DeCandis

    Tired of this. Sick so called people. Make an example of him already. Show the uneducated scum that it will not be tolerated. I hope this little baby girl does not suffer any life altering conditions from the hands of this animal ..

  • John S.

    I BELIEVE IN KHARMA!!! I hope when he goes to prison he is bunked with someone that will rattle him and punch him with a closed fist. This makes me sick, I do not tolerate anytype of child abuse I pray he gets crapped on 10times worse. This country needs to wakeup and start tackling the problems at home. Oh wait they want to legalize marijuana yes… the country is screwed.

    • Victor Rymer

      You had me up until the Cannabis comment. You are completely spreading fear mongering of a plant this is a sustainable life force. Please do some research. The world doesnt need another fool spreading ignorance

  • Educated intelligent human being that knows right from wrong

    I hope this scum bag rots in hell. How can anyone do this to a baby. Keep him away!!!

  • Eric

    Personally I’m not surprised by this type of crime happening in this area. My family moved to Scranton when I was a child and I could not move away until I became a legal adult. Based on the many thousands of people I met and had to tolerate in my time there I knew for certain Scranton would eventually become what it is today. My point is most people in Scranton are abusive towards all people, especially children and it seems they can’t hide their abusive ways any longer. Did someone mention video games as a motive? That is an extremely ignorant comment but not a surprising one considering the source. Like most crime in Scranton the motive is most likely alcoholism and low level of education. Which also explains the comment. Lol.

    • Sundown

      I understand where you’re coming from. I am from the city, moved here 6 years ago, and altho I know some people and crime have trickled here, but there is plenty of home-grown crime going on. The reason Calisto asked about the video gaming was because not even a month ago a 20 yr old POS hit a 5 month old baby in the head and then some because he was baby-sitting and the baby was crying and the rest you can figure it out. They need to put all these guys and dolls in one big warehouse and gas ’em!

    • jellystoneranger

      I moved here with my job some 30 years ago from another part of this great country where the people were friendly and the corruption was nonexistent. I am still in culture shock 30 years later ! I could not believe the prevailing ignorance of the general population . I asked myself was there an organized education system here ? A mere 125 miles from the heart of our nations constitution? It was bad 30 years ago and its ten times worse now! Entitlement bred scum everywhere. Losers,pedophiles, drunks,drug addicts,murderers,corrupt politicians everywhere! Police and fire unions bankrupting two cities ! Democrat led Armageddon! Casey as the US senator ?! This toilet has been clogged for decades and will never flush. Hold my nose for a couple more years and addios $%&$ !

      • Sundown

        @jelly and eric, I appreciate your honesty, because all I have been hearing the last 8 years is how terrible the city is and people from it, I have seen as much crime here as there. As for the time warp thing, oh yeah, in order to get along with most, I have to pretend I don’t know anything about anything they don’t know. It’s not like there was no news or internet for the last 30 years? But yeah, it’s like being stuck in a time warp, or black hole..or something like that. No, I don’t live in Scranton, but I know a couple of people who do and they are as you describe we don’t see them or speak to them because we have nothing in common. My husband is from the area here, and I am from NYC. There has been much culture clash between us and he finally had to come to terms that by nature of where I am from that I can see for what they are…I take an ‘it is what it is” approach to life, not golly gee, it’s not REALLY like that..
        @Michele, no I am sure not all people in Scranton are violent, just like not all people from the city are violent, but I am tired of the hypocrisy because you got plenty of your own home-grown trash without pointing fingers and blaming others. If we did that in the city we would be poking one another’s eyes out. 90% of any crime that goes down in my town is courtesy of the born and bred. I certainly didn’t do it! Still, it is beautiful in NEPA, we just gotta clean up some of the people. Just like the city. In the 70’s, NYC was a cesspool. Once cleaned up, it was great once again, expensive! But great. I wouldn’t go walking around there at night certain places, but I wouldn’t do that here either! I survived there 45 years. I can only hope to say the same for my son here. After everything I read, I am not all that confident! However, I do notice that the crimes here save Philly, Harriburg, Willimapsort, etc..are often closer or personal, wherein the city you are more likely to fall victim from random crimes, altho, that appears to be changing.
        You can’t just trust someone by nature of who they are, you have to measure the worth of a manwoman by WHAT they are..

      • CCKM

        UGH!! There is a photo on the paternal grandmother’s page of this little angel wearing a shirt that says “daddy’s little girl?!?!” are you serious?

  • nobaddog

    Where was the mother? I’m guessing she was out working? He looks like a kid. These boys have kids and some don’t step up to the plate. I would talk to any of my kids and their spouses about the responsibility they now have weather there ready or not for children. Now its too late for this family.

    • Sundown

      Who knows? No outcries on his FB page or hers…it’s all so irrelevant to these people? She has another daughter too, or it’s his dunno! CPS should take these kids from them if that woman takes him back into her home! These guys make me sick! Big men hurting children..they should be castrated and made into slaves.

  • Callisto

    Was the baby disrupting this guy’s video game? In this day and age, there is birth control. Don’t have kids until you can handle them. I don’t want to hear “things happen.” Hopefully, the baby survives without any mental or physical disabilities.

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