Salt Shortage In Nanticoke

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NANTICOKE -- A lot of people listened to warnings and stayed off the roads, but folks who did get behind the wheel in Nanticoke encountered some very slick conditions.

The city's salt supply is low and there's no delivery in sight.

As the snowflakes fell and some workers closed up shop early for the day, others were busy trying to stay ahead of the storm.

Jerry Mitchell shoveled out his 94-year-old neighbor and said there's little room left on his block for new snow banks.

“Where are they going to put it? I was hoping they would take this one out of here because she has trouble backing in. They didn’t take it out so I just keep piling it up.”

A block away, crews used a snowthrower to clear the sidewalks outside the Nanticoke fire department.

This storm is the first big challenge for Mayor Richard Wiaterowski who was sworn into office last month. His priority isn't the growing snowbanks.  It’s Nanticoke's dwindling salt supply.

“We’re trying not to lay anything down right now. We’re just going to do some plowing and lay it down on the hills and intersections tomorrow morning, possibly,” the mayor said.

Nanticoke’s new supply shed is far from filled. There is only 10 tons of rock salt left, and about 20 tons of other materials used to mix everything together, so drivers can gain traction.

We found tires spinning and cars sliding up and down Kosciuszko Street. Some people left their cars behind and walked through the storm to get around.

Others, like Heather Pliska say they had no choice but to go to work and the drive home was a slippery one.

“I just put my foot on the gas pedal and I got scared, yeah, but what are you going to do?”

If the salt and supplies are used sparingly, Nanticoke's mayor hopes to get through this storm. So far there is no word on when or where a delivery of salt might come from.

The mayor is asking people to stay off these roads if they can.


  • Medic

    Ok so shortage huh? Then y is there pounds of salt in the intersection maybe consere and spread a little thinner??

  • Luzerne County Firefighter

    The city fire department had ZERO responses for motor vehicle accidents during this recent storm.

  • A Nanticokian

    How can there be a salt shortage in Nanticoke when they never take care of the streets to begin with? How can you run out of salt when you’ve hardly spread any so far? My street didn’t get plowed at all until 4:00 this afternoon, and they haven’t spread salt around here once this winter. Getting stuck on Kosciuszko St is nothing new, it happens to people every time there’s more than an inch of snow because this town doesn’t run plows until the snow’s packed down on the streets. Then again, that packed snow is almost a relief in Nanticoke – it fills in the potholes.

  • Everyone on E Spring Street

    Wait the mayor said they’re just going to plow for now? East Spring street hasn’t been plowed ONCE in three snow storms. Why? Every other road gets plowed at least once. This is ridiculous! Not one single time with 6+ inches of snow. Today’s snow storm is just even more on top of the snow and ice from last week.

  • people of nanticoke

    So there is a salt shortage in nanticoke that’s nothing new for this city. Here is the normal thinking of this city if you want to call it that. Hey it’s winter lets not order salt and see how many car wreaks there will be. You know since we won’t have any salt to put down. Great thinking Mr mayor

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