Roof of a Business Collapsed in Lackawanna County

cdl collapse

CARBONDALE — A roof collapsed at a business in Lackawanna Count Thursday night.

The owner of Quality Perforating Inc. along Dundaff Street in Carbondale, a place that makes perforated metals, suspects snow on the roof is to blame.

He said no one was hurt, and they will be open for business on Friday.

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  • Ken Heilmann

    Quality Perforating Inc.s roof did not collapse from the snow it colLapsed from the owners neglect !
    I am an employe at this establishment
    And I actually work right egsacty where it collapsed
    This building collapsed duet to the owner removing supporting beams 2 to 3 wreaks prier to the collapse of the building
    Me and my coworker actuall
    y mentions to the safety comety that it was not safe Snd nothing was done
    Ken Heilmann

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