Lull In Storm Gives Some A Chance To Dig Out

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WAYNE COUNTY -- In Wayne County, the lull in the latest winter storm gave crews a chance to start clearing roadways Thursday afternoon and for folks to dig out their properties.

One man plowed his driveway in Prompton, then headed over to his parents home to do the same.

"My parents live here, and I figured I'd come down and give them a hand because you know, they just don't like dealing with this like I do," said Brian Mikulewicz.

In Honesdale, another man spread salt on his sidewalk.

The homeowner said all he can do now is wait for the storm to stop.

"I worry about ice and that. Yep. Just try to get some salt down now and see what happens," said Robert Priceman.

After a vehicle got stuck in a snowbank, there was shoveling to do for Chelsea Miller of Hamlin.

"I hate it. I don't like the snow and it's just a bad time," said Miller.

It was not all work and no play.

A young Annabelle built a snow fort in her front yard on Honesdale.

The snow is beautiful to some and a source of fun.

"I was a little disappointed at first because I snowboard and I thought we weren't going to get that much and then in just the past two weeks we had all this, pleasant surprise I guess," said Balats Markos of Honesdale.

"This is what Pennsylvania, Northeastern Pennsylvania is all about, the change of seasons and snow is part of that and growing up here, this is my mom's homestead, we were used to this. We loved it. We still do," said Mikulewicz.