Honesdale Pizza Place Delivers Despite Storm

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HONESDALE -- Papa’s Primo Pizza in Wayne County won’t let a little snow stop them from serving up a hot slice.

“We get a lot of people calling to say ‘Oh, I was just checking to see if you were open,” said Mark Figura, the owner of Papa’s Primo Pizza.

Winter storms have a tendency to close down most businesses, but one owner in Honesdale said he can’t remember the last time he shut down because of snow.

Figura said, “We let people know that we’re only closed five days a year.”

Not only does the restaurant on Main Street open on snow days, they also brave the storm and deliver.

“It can be a little bit scary, a little bit hairy. But, it’s fun. It’s a challenge," said Susan Sadak, a waitress and delivery driver at Papa’s.

For those customers who wanted a hot meal delivered to their door, they loved it.

Jen Sarikas in Honesdale said, “We don’t want to go out in this, who does? Look at these streets!"

"I just didn’t want to cook, she wanted delivery. I didn’t think they would actually deliver," said Kat Rodriguez of Honesdale.

Karen Gardner of Honesdale was just glad to get a hot pie. She said “We didn’t have no food in the fridge. Didn’t want to go out shopping today in the snow storm. ”

Sarkias and Rodriguez said their meal will give them some motivation to clear some snow. “Pre-shoveling and then we’ll probably take a nap after pizza. Then we’ll probably call one more time for dinner. ”

So, how are the tips for the drivers who hit the snowy streets?

“You hope for the best and just accept what you get,” said Sadak.

As for plowed streets, those are just a bonus.


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