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Helping Storm Victims In Pottsville

POTTSVILLE — A shelter has been set up at Trinity Episcopal Church in Pottsville because of the storm for those who lose power, heat, or are homeless.

Eileen Bobb said she’s homeless.

‘What they`re doing for me is great because I am in a lot of pain.”

Bobb explained that being exposed to the elements caused her fingers on both hands to get frostbite.

“Thank goodness for this place I can sleep here at night. That`s the good part, otherwise I am stuck outside.”

Pastor Bob Alonge said a lot of people have donated a lot of things: blankets, towels, wash cloths, even hand warmers.

“We are here until Monday morning. We will be here 24/7 until Monday morning,” Alonge explained.

The people at Trinity Episcopal are looking for places so they can expand the shelter operation specifically for the homeless.

Theresa Gaffney is a volunteer.

“We are hoping to host at a week at a time the different facilities and to continue this throughout the rest of the winter,” Gaffney said.

Gaffney believes there are more people like Eileen Bobb who are forced to live outside in the frigid temperatures.

“(Being homeless is) not a fun game to play. It’s a matter of being outside and eating and surviving out there,” Bobb said.

If you think you can help the shelter program, give the folks at Trinity Episcopal in Pottsville a call at 570-622-8720.


  • Marybeth Schaeffer

    i just called the church and left a message with johanna’s info and phone number. hpefully someone will get it before they close up on monday.

    soooo so so so so sad. when i see those people, i cant help thinking that they are someones son/daughter or mother/father – someone’s brother or sister..
    they are human beings and they are left to fend for themselves like animals. how our cities/states/country can allow anyone to live on the street is beyond me. i know there needs to be a funding source, but there’s got to be some way that funds can be raised

  • johanna

    Eileen bobb is my mother. If anyone can help me get in touch with anyone at the church or her I would greatly appreciate it. I have been trying to find my mom for years. I appreciate everything they are doing and it bring me such relief to know that she is ok. Mom I love and miss you. I hope I can talk to you soon. Please call me 2673850888.

  • Kelsey Boyd

    Wnep do you think it was necessary for Bob Reynolds to ask that woman, what it’s like to be homeless? Seriously? What is wrong with you guys? Did you expect her to say I prefer the cold over the heat?

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