School Closings And Delays

Another Snowstorm For Susquehanna County

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FOREST CITY -- In Susquehanna County, the heavy snow piled up quickly.

Despite the snowstorm, duty called for John Kowalewski of K.W. Oil Company in Forest City. Oil deliveries were a must after all the recent cold.  He's been a busy guy.

“Being the storm coming and the weather being 14 or 15 below up here, that made a big impact,” Kowalewski said.

But as the snow piled up and Kowaleski thought about being on the road in all this, he called it quits for the day.

“This is my last one. They're closing down highways and everything and it's too hard. You're afraid of having an accident. You're worried about the other person more than yourself.”

There was no getting off the road for Wally Miller. The Forest City road crew driver planned to be plowing all day and as the snow fell at an inch an hour, it was tough to keep up.

“This is crazy, you know? We're going to get a lot of snow and we're going to keep busy, me and my boss,” Miller said.

Folks in the northern tier are used to snow storms like this.  The library didn't close this morning.  The senior center delivered meals around town and it's open, too.

“They're all waiting for me. They're all surprised I came out on such a day because the roads are really bad, but I made it with no problem,” said senior center volunteer Paul Petrilak.

Petrilak was happy to be getting a warm meal after the deliveries.  Not many showed up for lunch at the senior center. Petrilak took the food to them.

“I said to them, ‘I can't wait to get home!’"

But all over Forest City there were people out and about in the storm, some going about business as usual. Others clearing all the snow, including Kyle Whiting, who, after 15 below zero here Wednesday morning, thought this felt like a heat wave.

“It's pretty warm. 25 or so, 30,” Whiting said. “It's about 25 degrees warmer so I don't mind it.”