Woman Remembers Meeting the Beatles

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It's been 50 years since John, Paul, George and Ringo invaded America and showed up on TV's around the country.

"I remember just laying in front of the TV crying and carrying on. My mother and father were just shaking their heads," Joann Stoico said.

Joann Stoico of Danville remembers that performance on the Ed Sullivan show well but it was a Beatles concert in January of 1965 that really sticks out in her mind. Joann grew up in Swoyersville and entered a local radio contest when she was 13 years old.

"The grand prize was a trip to London to a Beatles concert," Stoico said.

Joann says she entered the contest...and won!

"I just started screaming and crying. I ran out into the schoolyard and all my friends thought someone had died," Stoico said.

The radio station flew Joann and her mother to London for the Beatles concert, all expenses paid.

When Joann got to the concert there was something else waiting for her. Something so precious to her that she doesn't even keep it inside her house. A personalized autographed picture from Ringo, Paul, George and John.

"I had a lot of offers from people to buy my autograph and I said no, it will never be for sale," Stoico said.

And there was another surprise for Joann at the concert--a backstage pass.

"I stood backstage through their whole performance. I was just a few feet away from them," Stoico said.

"One by one they all came out of the door and they all said hello to me," Stoico said.

When she saw her favorite Beatle, John Lennon, Joann says she fainted.

"He just turned around and said, hi, luv. That's all I remember," Stoico said.

Joann says that Beatles concert in London was one of the best days of her life, and remains one of her fondest memories.