Wayne County Prepares For Possible Foot Of Snow

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Folks in Wayne County could see up to a foot of snow during Thursday’s storm.

Wednesday night many were out getting items to prepare themselves for whatever the storm brings.

Bags of rock salt sat piled up outside R3 Hardware Store on Main Street in Honesdale.

Owner Ray Harrington said he has more than 100 bags of it along with other supplies to tackle the snow.

“We have lots of snow shovels, all kinds of rock salt, we have one snow blower left,” said Harrington.

With a potential foot of snow coming to Wayne County, the hardware store had no shortage of customers.

Rich Doherty was there picking up a scraper for his roof.

“Just for safety precautions,” said Doherty. “It removes ice from the edge of the roof to do away from ice buildup.”

One couple came in from Hawley and was looking for a new generator.

“Our generator is 15 years old, and it’s on its last legs and I’m concerned about the storm coming up, so we came to see if we can replace it before the storm hits,” said Matt Kuber.

County officials saID the Wayne County Courthouse in Honesdale will be closed Thursday due to the storm.

In Hamlin, piles of snow still remain from the last snow fall.

While it’s good business for snow plow driver Caesar Matacchiera, he said the heavier the snowfall, the harder it makes his job.

“When it’s more, it's hard, it’s a lot of wear and tear on the vehicle and stuff breaks down, you know?” said Matacchiera.