Man From Siberia Weighs In On Cold

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SCRANTON -- It is cold on Montage Mountain in Lackawanna County, but it does not seem to bother Yuri Sannikov.

He works on the mountain and he is used to the cold, bone-chilling cold.

Sannikov is from Eastern Siberia.

"Winter is lengthy and very cold. Yeah, you have to wear very warm clothes and hat should be warm, otherwise you wouldn`t survive long," he laughed.

Siberia is a huge geographical area.

It is part of Russia and it is notoriously cold.

In Northeastern Pennsylvania, we are in the midst of one of the coldest winters in a long time, but it does not compare to winter in Siberia.

The average temperature in Siberia in January is 13 below zero.  One city in the region is known as the 'Coldest City on Earth,' with a recorded record low temperature of 90 below zero.

"Nope, he never gets cold. He spends all day out here and he`s good," laughed one of Sannikov's co-workers, Rob Nitch.

Sannikov said in Siberia, where he was born and spent the first 30 years of his life, people are used to sub-zero temperatures.

He said, he can get a lot of stares when he stands outside for long periods of time.

"When I`m working, I`m mostly standing outside. People are surprised I`m standing there, but for me, it`s really nothing serious. Because I`m born in Siberia, I`m just used to winters," he said.


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