Two Implicated In Shooting Near Shamokin

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SHAMOKIN TOWNSHIP — Arrest papers in Northumberland County tie two men to the location where a woman was found shot over the weekend.

Salicia Yost was discovered in a car with a gunshot wound to her head on Saturday along Irish Valley Road near Shamokin.

Esteven Soto of the Bronx and Rafael Diroche of Mount Carmel face drug and gun charges.

Arrest papers show Diroche and the victim exchanged texts and calls. The two also discussed meeting up, and mentioned “being on Irish Valley Road.”

So far, the men are not charged with Yost’s shooting.


  • Adriane Villano

    I know her from the convenience store where she worked. She always had a kind word and was quick to make you smile. Drugs or no, no one deserves to be shot in the head for a lapse in judgement. My thoughts and prayers go out to Salisha and her family.

  • CM

    I know this young woman personally, and she’s a very nice person. I’m heart broken that someone did this to her. She didn’t deserved to be treated this way. These indiividuals are cowardly. Only a coward would shoot a defenseless young woman. People are assuming the worse, but I can tell you from conversations with her that she’s someone that wanted more out of life. She wanted to go to college. She even asked for help. She’s not a throw away kid. I ask that you folks keep her in your prayers.

  • ashley (mia)

    that is my cousin and she is a very well respected woman and the cops will catch the suns of bitches that did this to my cousin and they will go to jail.
    i grew up with my cousin my gram passed away last year used to watch me and my cousin she is my everything and she will pull through this but yes people make mistakes and she wasn’t in a good situation at that time but they will catch them stupid people!!

    • Mike

      I’m thinking the same thing. Take a look at The News Item, what Shamokin calls a “news paper”. Every day is nothing but drug bust.

  • Mike

    Shamokin is basically hell on earth. Stay away from this city if you want a decent place to live. Everyone is on drugs and welfare and the houses are falling down. The city doesn’t even have money for salt to salt the roads when it snows. They have to beg and borrow it from neighboring Coal Township. Decades and decades of shady dealing and stealing money is the cause of current day Shamokin, PA.

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