Remembering Shirley Temple

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HAZLETON -- Many folks in our area are remembering Shirley Temple who died late Monday night at the age of 85.

The older generation has memories of the child star who provided a bright spot during the depression years.

Shirley Temple was bright and talented with a smile that touched millions of people. She started dancing at the age of 3 and was the original child star, with a name that's instantly recognized.

At the Hazleton Active Adult Center, Diane Scigala remembers.

"I was brought up in England. I am English and I can always remember my mother talking about her because she's 90 and it's more her generation but everybody in England loved Shirley Temple," Scigala said.

John Seltner of Hazle Township said he just heard of Temple's death.

"I felt sort of sad because I can remember her on TV, in the movies mainly, singing and dancing and I enjoyed it."

Diane Scigala knows that after getting out of show business, Shirley Temple served her country.

"An activist and then an Ambassador to Czechoslovakia and then she worked for one of the presidents. She had a failed marriage and I think she raised two children."

Many of the people at the Hazleton Active Adult Center said that later on they'll be surfing the channels looking for a good Shirley Temple movie.

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