Charge Dismissed In Assisted Suicide Case

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POTTSVILLE — A judge in Schuylkill County has dismissed the charge in a case against a nurse who was accused of helping her terminally ill father commit suicide.

Prosecutors claimed Barbara Mancini gave her father, Joseph Yourshaw, a bottle of morphine last year. He died after drinking the drug.

Mancini was charged in August of 2013.

Motions to dismiss the case were presented in October.

A judge ruled on Tuesday , exactly one year after Yourshaw’s death, that prosecutors failed to prove that a crime was committed and he dismissed the charge against Mancini.

In the ruling, the judge said it was unknown how much morphine Yourshaw consumed, how lethal it was, or when he consumed it.

Mancini also had the backing of a national group throughout this case: The Compassion and Choices Action Network.


  • Naia Monkyavich

    What this woman did was unethical. The lawyer was lousy and knew nothing about nursing. If she was practicing as his caregiver and with a license…her nursing license should be revoked. What she did was unethical. Would you do this in a medical setting or a nursing home? NO, you would get fired and license revoked. Where do we draw the line? When does a person decide that their family member does not need to live anymore? She should have been fined for negligence! Do these lawyers not understand the meaning of negligence?

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