Assisted Suicide Charge Dismissed, People React

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POTTSVILLE -- Barbara Mancini of Philadelphia is no longer facing a criminal charge.

Investigators accused the nurse of giving her 93-year-old father a lethal dose of morphine last year at his home in Pottsville.

She was charged with causing or aiding suicide.

Now, a judge has ruled there is not enough evidence a crime was committed..

Mancini was charged in August of 2013.

Motions to dismiss the case were presented in October.

Compassion and Choices, an organization advocating for end of life choices, praised the judge's decision calling it, "a victory for dying patients and autonomy at the end of life."

Not everyone agreed.

"I just disagree with what she did and think she should be charged," said Kyle Kaledas of Pottsville.

Family members said Joe Yourshaw, 93, was wracked with pain from hypertension, diabetes, and kidney failure.

The case sparked national controversy over assisted suicide.

In Pottsville, where Yourshaw lived and died, people remain divided over the issue.

"I'm against assisted suicide, we go to Catholic school and I think it's wrong. I think God has a will for everyone to die at different times, so that's my opinion," said Dylan Palamar of Pottsville.

"I think we all have a time to suffer, and there's no easy way out," agreed Kenny Rossi of Pottsville.

Jamie Ebert said if he were suffering, he would want help to die.

"I would hope someone would do that for me," said Ebert.


  • Skeptic

    Watch someone you love suffer in horrible agony day after day, with no hope of relief, then tell me that what she did was wrong. It’s inhumane to let an animal suffer, yet unethical to let a human end their life with dignity under their own terms? Natural death is rarely peaceful despite what you see in movies. Even “quick” deaths take several minutes of pain and intense anxiety. With a morphine assist, the individual simply goes to sleep. Can’t get much more peaceful than that.

    • Gauk

      Under the law it is murder,extra big shot,not what the doc prescribed,Rick would of been happy for what the doc prescribed!

  • Faith

    The only people you should ask for a reaction are those who have gone through the agony of watching a loved one suffer with a terminal illness. Cancer killed him, not pain killers.

    • dirtyharry1971

      You know I was thinking the kid who said that about suffering I want to see how he feels if he had the health issues this poor old man had. He would be crying like a little baby begging for help if it was happening to him

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