Teen Stabbed After Fight

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SCRANTON--A 17-year old is facing assault charges after a stabbing in Scranton.

Officers said the teenager stabbed a 17-year old on Washburn Street around 3:30 Monday afternoon.

Authorities said the assault happened after a fight after school.

Crews rushed the victim to the hospital, he's expected to be OK.

The suspect was released to his parents but will face charges according to Scranton police.

Authorities have not said what sparked the fight between the two teens.


  • M

    Its crazy how the media can turn things around..I dont recall anyone mentioning the victim is the one who approached the 17 yr old boy to fight and he didn’t want to. Or mention how the victim was bullying the 17 yr old boy while in school. Or how he followed the boy while he was walking his sister home. Know the facts before you judge

  • Deb

    The kid was probably being bullied by the seventeen yr.old and may as well be defending him self did you think about that. then add peer pressure think here people.Maybe parents should be able to correct their kids and not spare the rod and not have CYS step in then just maybe this wouldn’t happen. Correcting is not abuse if done right. Teaching them before hand to know the difference in wrong and right starts at home,with both parents not just one. Easy to take sides harder to to look at it for what it really is all about.

  • Laura Andruk

    I don’t care how old the kid was, I think that he should have been put in jail and not sent home with his parents. He stabbed someone. And this was planned. There was a group of kids watching, the kids knew these two were going to fight. It definitely was a spontaneous act.

  • Sundown

    How and when are they gonna learn to not do this? Unless the parents and the law come down hard on bullying and violence, nothing will change for the better, and it will only get worse.

  • junior

    That’s pennsylvania law. Stab someone and you’ll get off with a summons and a court date. Did i mention, you get to walk as a
    free person so that you can committ more crimes.

    • Sundown

      Sure seems that way doesn’t it?! My son is 17, I know these people carry knives, I know a lot of people own guns. Should I have him carry a pocket knife? I rode the subways in nyc, with scissors in my pocket, but I was a hairdresser, so NP. I don’t want my son to not be able to defend himself from someone who is carrying a knife..by the time someone sticks ya it’s already too late! Maybe I should just let him carry my old pair of scissors! ;) Some kind of spray from a distance perhaps..dunno, I now the circle he USED to run with were getting into an awful lot of mischief time and time again..fines and community service doesn’t seem to phase them. Not even time in prison, short stays, but you would think they would learn something!

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