Teen Builds 20-Foot High Snowman

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WEST WYOMING --- A 20-foot high snowman was built by a young man from West Wyoming.

Dave Granteed, 19, found a bit of a silver lining in all of the snow that's fallen in our area.

He built the snowman, named Chuck, as his last hurrah before he turns 20 on Valentine's Day.

The snowman stands 20 feet tall out in front of Granteed's house on Shoemaker Avenue in West Wyoming.

Chuck has a traffic cone for a nose, black dishes for buttons and a set of snow stairs.

"The head is actually hollow, so I can go inside the snowman's head and stand up there, watch people. Lots of 'wows' and lots of amazement. People are smiling, they're just amazed," said Granteed.

The West Wyoming Fire Department up the street helped Granteed build his giant snowman in Luzerne County.


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