Neither Snow Nor Procrastination Will Delay Flower Delivery

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STROUDSBURG -- Valentine's Day is this Friday, but before the big day the area may see another snow storm.

One florist in the Poconos isn't too concerned because he's been preparing for the big day filled with love since December.

Tony Barone is the owner of Floral Boutique in Stroudsburg. He and his crew are already starting to organize the flower inventory.

"Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are our two biggest holidays," said Barone.

Barone says getting ready for Valentine's Day - which is this Friday - started back in December.

"Right after Christmas, December 31, we locked in our order for roses so we can guarantee them," said Barone.

He must then guarantee those nearly 200 orders of roses will get to their destination on time.

"We have two drivers, plus we go on Craigslist and look around the area on who can help us out. We get college kids, rent some vans, it's how we do it," said Barone.

By the end of the day Monday, 4,000 roses will be delivered to Floral Boutique in Stroudsburg. Barone says some people already ordered their rose bouquets weeks ago, but that's not everyone.

"Valentine's Day is a guy holiday so they always wait to the last minute," said Barone.

So what better way to see if that statement is true then to head to an area where many guys are getting ready for the big day: Muscle Inc. in Stroudsburg.

Two guys we spoke with didn't order flowers...yet.

"Because I'm a procrastinator. Waiting until the last minute makes things interesting," said Jason Satriano of Bushkill.

"I got chocolates. But after this I'm going to do something for her," said Isaac Paolino of Bushkill.

Well, it seems most guys wait to the last minute. But not all of them.

"No flowers.  I thought that would be a little too clichéd. So I got her something better than that," said Robert Cartalemi, the owner of Muscle Inc.

Better than flowers? Don't let Floral Boutique hear that!

And guys, remember, Valentine's Day is this Friday.