Driver Charged In Fatal Crash

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SUNBURY -- A man was charged Monday with homicide by vehicle after a deadly crash in Northumberland County in January of 2013.

Police believe Aaron Rothermel, 22, of Trevorton was under the influence of marijuana when he crashed his car into a tree on a rural road near Trevorton, killing a passenger.

Troopers say Rothermel was on probation at the time for another DUI.


  • Grace

    Yeah — and they want to legalize marijuana and believe that people will be responsible and only use it at home and not while driving or operating a vehicle. What about operating equipment at work or just working in general people impaired by marijuana will injure innocent people just like alcohol. I understand they are probably doing it now anyway, but legalizing is just creating a nightmare. I am at a loss for words as to how unbelievable it is to me that so many people want to legalize this drug.

  • Joeycarmen

    Jared is my nephew. We miss him so much. Bad ‘choices’ as people say Started with the first bad choice of driving on a suspended license and high. 18 years old. Didn’t have to happen. I Love you Jared.

  • OneOfTheMoms

    I know enough of the facts for it to matter. I know these boys were friends and they both made bad choices that night, but nothing worth dying over. Aaron was Jared’s friend and although I don’t know Aaron very well, I did know Jared very well. He was a great kid and loved by many ppl. Those boys were goofing off and they screwed up. I think Aaron needs to pay for what happened, he is responsible, he was the driver, but keep in mind, he lost a friend too and he will carry this for the rest of his life because he was the driver. My heart goes out to Heidi and Dave who lost their only child. No parent should ever go though that. But I know this, they raised a great kid who was loved by so many and his memories will live on for lifetimes. I am sure all of his friends will make sure of it. Just keep in mind everyone. Its not like Aaron went out to hurt his friend, he was out with his friend making bad choices, some of the same stupid choices we all did as young ppl, but they had the worst case scenerio and a beautiful life was lost. Lets all try not to be so quick to judge, lets leave that up to the courts and God and instead lets pray for Heidi, Dave, all of Jared’s friends and family and yes, lets even pray for Aaron.

  • Brandi

    One of my best friend’s, Jared Wood, died because of him. He was a kid full of life with so much going for him. I’m sorry but this guy deserves to be where Is right now. My friend lost his life. Rip Jared <3

  • Bobsmama

    It’s a shame that good kids make poor choices. He is a good kid. I feel sad that he didn’t think about the possible outcome of being high and driving.

    • Skeptic

      Please, do tell. I’m all for the presumption of innocence, but DUI homicide cases are pretty cut and dry. He was under the influence of a drug that alters perception and reaction, he caused a crash, someone died as a result of the crash. Not to mention, he violated probation on a prior DUI. So yeah, lets hear your “facts”. Does he plan on introducing the good old “deer ran in front of me so it isn’t my fault” defense?

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