Family and Friends Remember Hit-and-Run Victim

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GREAT BEND TOWNSHIP -- The Great Bend Township community came out to support the family and friends of Earl Youngs on Saturday night.

Youngs was killed on January 15th in a hit and run crash on Route 11.

State troopers said they continue to investigate the accident, but no charges have been filed.

Youngs' family continues to feel the heart break.

"I know it was an accident. Everybody knows in this town it was an accident. It's what he did after," Youngs' Uncle Chris said regarding a possible suspect.

"I believe that the right thing will happen and he will get justice," said Alyssa Wright, Youngs' fiancée.

Loved ones tried to take their mind off the tragedy and instead celebrate the 20-year-old.

"You know, he had the aspect in his mind for a long time that no body loved him, but i hate to break it to him, even now, there's a lot of people who loved him," said Chris Youngs.

"Family and friends said Valley Lanes is the perfect place to remember Earl. He grew up there, spending many days with his boy scout troop or just a night out.

Youngs' uncle said, "He was going to have his wedding here. Just a lot of good memories, even when he was in the boy scouts here."

"I think he's looking down saying "Everybody is partying for me!" Because he enjoyed that too," said Trudi Hepler, Youngs' former teacher.

Youngs' finance said knowing so many people cared for him helps her heal. "Taking it day by day, breath by breath. It's better everyday, but it's still not ok."

Youngs' uncle said Earl leaves behind a daughter and any money left over from the benefit will be put in a trust fund for the young girl.